14 Best Zombie Games For PS4/Xbox One

It seems we can’t get enough of zombies and no matter how absurd the concepts of zombie games become, we just accept it anyway. It seems there is a different sense of satisfaction when you are spraying hordes of humanoids with lead bullets and our human psyche just can’t get enough of it. There has been a wrong perception that PC players get to experience the most of the zombie games, given that a keyboard and mouse is extremely efficient when you want to keep killing them monsters while escaping at the same time and hence we wanted to set the score right on this one. There are loads of good zombie games on the PS4 and the Xbox One available as of now but they seem to get overshadowed by the big names of the industry. So we did some research and dug out the best zombie games available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The list includes multiplayer zombie games, 2 player zombie games, open world zombie games.

14. Zombie Army Trilogy (2015)

Ever imagined a world where Nazi Germany raised the dead as a last ditch effort to win the war leading to the utter infestation of Nazi Germany and gruesome deaths in the battlefields? That’s exactly what Zombie Army Trilogy is all about, a game that was a spin-off of the Sniper Elite series and places the player in the zombie infested fields of World War II. The game is a tactical third person shooter that relies heavily on stealth mechanics and will require you to shoot targets from afar while remaining hidden in the shadows. Mechanics are borrowed from Sniper Elite v2 where if you are able to make a successful shot, a kill cam animation triggers showing you the exact path of the bullet and then displaying an anatomically correct X-Ray of the victim’s condition after the shot. The game also requires you to correctly judge the trajectory of the bullet according to environmental conditions and wind direction and also allows you to hold your breath in order to steady your shot. The gameplay is quite linear as compared to the other games in the Sniper Elite series though and sometimes requires you to shoot explosive objects in order to take out hordes of zombies at once.

13. Evil Within 2 (2014)

Evil Within 2 is a direct sequel to the 2014 game Evil Within directed and created by Shinji Mikama, the mind behind the creation of the Resident Evil series. The game has been mostly appreciated for its gameplay and environment design which is largely due to the amount of experience behind the development team. The game however did receive some flak for its character development and storyline but it has largely been shadowed by the unique atmospheres and the unique gameplay moments. Evil Within 2 picks up from where Evil Within left off, following the protagonist of the story, Sebastian Castellanos, who is being pulled between the very fabrics of different dimensions and facing nightmarish creatures in the process. The player needs to craft various materials in order to survive from these hellish creatures and will have the option of either confronting them head on or from the shadows. The game was developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softwares in the year 2014.

12. Days Gone (2019)

Days Gone is one game we are keeping our eyes out for and finally it will be available to play on the 26th of April, 2019 on the PS4. We know that the game has not released yet and perhaps it would have ranked higher in this list if it was already available to play, but still we wanted to do the game justice and throw it out there, Days Gone is an upcoming survival horror game being developed by SIE Bend Studio and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game will feature a rogue drifter and a bounty hunter, Deacon St. John who likes to call the road his home and the forests his dominion. You will require to craft and gather resources in order to fight mindless ‘freakers’, zombie like creatures that are weak during the day but are fierce and aggressive during the night. The game is set in a world where half the population of the world has been wiped out due to a global pandemic disease and has left them as waking demons. These creatures are fast evolving and will attack you at the first chance they get. You are however equipped with weapons and a trust old motorcycle which you need to maintain and upgrade during the course of your gameplay session as this is your only mode of escape. Maneuvering and using this motorcycle to the best of your advantage is what will set the good players of the game from the better players as this is what will allow them to survive for longer hours in the perilous terrain. If you like survival horror video games based around zombies, then you will definitely want to keep your eyes out for this one.

11. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (2016)

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is a third person shooter video game that is a direct sequel to the previous title ‘Garden Warfare’ and plays mostly similar to the same. However, new gameplay mechanics and modes have been added including 8 new playable classes that adds a lot of variability and replayability to the gameplay. The gameplay is also smoother and has been optimized for the modern consoles making the games more fun and inviting. This is one game that appeals to players of all ages and one can be safe knowing their child is playing this one. The game requires one to shoot and kill zombies or plants depending on the team you belong to and is tons of fun to play with friends. The game was developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronic Arts for Windows PC, PS4 and the Xbox One back in 2016. Garden Warfare 2 introduces a solo mode for all the game modes in the game unlike the previous game where only one mode was made playable solo. The game also introduced a new game mode for the player where zombies need to defend their base from attacking plants, a first in the game series. If you are looking for a good zombie game but do not want the dark atmosphere that comes along with it, this is one game you might want to look into.

10. Killing Floor 2 (2016)

Killing Floor 2 is a first person survival shooter that takes place in an alternate European setting where clones developed for military purposes have been hijacked and released upon humanity. The game is wave based and requires co-op with your team mates in order to kill hordes of these mechs. At the end of each level, a boss appears that is assigned according to the number of players left in the team. This enables the players to tackle waves as they appear according to their strengths and progress in the game. It takes a fair amount of coordination between the players in order to assign tasks and positions to each player as each subsequent wave increases in size and difficulty. Players will also need to traverse the level in search of weapons and ammo but there is a restriction to the maximum amount you can carry. Sharing loot with your teammates will help you to streamline the effectiveness of your team and increases your chance of victory. Surviving is extremely crucial to the overall gameplay and once a player is dead, they will not respawn till the end of the round and if all the players in the team die within the round, the game is over. This is one of the most intense co-op survival shooters out there and we highly recommend this game if you are looking for a team based experience.

9. Dead Rising 4 (2016)

Dead Rising is the fourth major installment in the Dead Rising series developed by Capcom Vancouver and published by Microsoft for the PC, PS4 and the Xbox One in 2016. The game follows the events of the previous installments and tells the story of an alternate universe that has been devastated by zombie infestations. Various organizations around the world are looking for cures and you take control of Frank West, a journalist who is approached by one of his students about a potential leak at a military compound which was the site of the first zombie outbreak. However, as they approach the compound their helicopter is hit by a missile forcing them to make a crash landing outside the premises of the military base. Zombies close in on the spot and they fight their way to the compound while discovering that the zombies are more vicious than before and are infected with a stronger strain of the parasite that renders Zombrex, the only cure for the disease, useless. You are required to investigate the compound while fighting the zombies in order to ascertain a cure for the disease and get to the root of the problem. The game has been widely praised for its storyline and gameplay mechanics but has also been criticized for the lack of luster in the environment. Various publications have also said that while the story is extremely well developed, the game design and the universe needed more life in it. The city seems sleepy and uninspired and this is one of the main reasons behind placing this game at this position in this list.

8. Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombie Chronicles (2015)

Call of Duty is one of the best FPS shooters out there and when they released a zombie mode in their widely acclaimed Black Ops series, the whole of the gaming community were waiting with bated breath. Black Ops III is a tactical first person shooter developed by Treyarch and published by Activision for all modern consoles in the year 2015 and is a direct sequel to Black Ops II, the previous installment in the series. The game has been widely praised for its gameplay and multiplayer matchmaking but what we are looking at today is the zombie mode for the game. Call of Duty introduced the zombie mode in their first installment of Black Ops and has been improving on the same through their various releases and the zombie mode in Black Ops III is one of the more polished ones so far. It contains an extensive story mode that allows the player to experience the undead outbreak in Northern France. Activision released a full DLC pack for zombie lovers called Zombie Chronicles that adds additional gameplay elements and various mechanics such as the ‘gobblegums’.  The game also contains a huge single player campaign that allows for co-op gameplay in a semi-open world and has its own progression system. Zombie Chronicles is one of the most definitive zombie shooters out there and we highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a first person shooter experience involving zombies.

7. Dead Island Definitive Edition (2016)

Dead Island is a survival horror game that is set in a fictional island infested by zombies. The main aim of the game is to survive and progress in the game through the completion of quests in a sprawling open world setting. The game stresses on the use of melee weapons and urges the player to make use to close combat situations to their maximum advantage as guns and other long distance weapons are limited and cannot be found for the better half of the game. Each action you perform takes stamina out of you and you will need to conserve the same during the course of gameplay in order to survive. Running out of stamina will make it extremely hard for you to tackle enemies and you will have to stop your activities in lorder to regain your stamina. Fighting harder monsters will also deplete your stamina bar faster, so choose your fights wisely.

6. State of Decay 2 (2018)

State of Decay 2 is a sequel to State of Decay, a game that was developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios for the Windows PC systems and the Xbox One in 2018. The game is set in a parallel universe that has been overrun by zombies and you will need to gather and craft equipments in order to survive. The survival aspect of the game is its leading mechanic, however it has been criticized for its lackluster display of a fantasy setting and the inability to keep gamers hooked to the game. This is mostly because the game was laden with bugs on release and the survival options available to the player were basic at best. The game is still a lot of fun to play and if the developers fix the lack of depth in the gameplay through a major patch, State of Decay 2 will be one of the best survival horror games out there.

5. Death Road to Canada (2016)

Death Road to Canada is a fun little spinoff to the zombie survival genre and follows a team of wannabe explorers as they do what they please in a zombie infested city. The game features a randomly generated map with zombie like enemies who will chase after you while you choose to rescue dogs and wreck havoc in the city. The roguelike gameplay format ensures that you will keep on replaying this fun little road trip simulator every chance you get. It was developed and published by Rocketkat games and has been very well received by both critics and gamers. Death Road to Canada is also available in the android and iOS appstore and is one of those games you must play whether you like playing zombie games or not.

4. Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Resident Evil 2 is one of the best zombie shooters out there and when Capcom announced the remake of the legendary title for all modern devices, we knew we are all in for a treat. The story follows the survival of a police officer in a zombie infested city along with a college student and their resulting escape. The game has received several awards and has managed to cement its name in the video gaming industry due to its gritty gameplay and survival horror mechanics. The remake has already managed to sell a total of four million copies in the first month of release itself and we have reason to believe that it will be one of the best selling games of the year. Originally developed and released by Capcom in the year 1998, this is a good opportunity for gamers to relive the legendary title in full HD.

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3. The Walking Dead (2012)

The Walking Dead is an episodic adventure game developed and published by Telltale Games that is set in a world affected by a pandemic that turns humans to walkers, a zombie like creature. The games are based on a comic book series of the same name and have been elevated to higher levels of popularity due to the success of a TV series based on the same comics. The Walking Dead follows the story of Clementine, a young girl and a survivor of the pandemic who is found lost and separated from her parents by Lee, another survivor. Lee risks it all in order to save the young girl and attempts to fight the walkers in order to reunite Clementine with her parents. The games have been extremely well received by fans and contain a total of 3 main seasons, each consisting of five episodes. These are available on all major leading consoles including handheld ones as of March, 2019.

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2. The Last of Us Part II (TBA)

The Last of Us was an action adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Set in post apocalyptic USA, the protagonist of the story Ellie discovers a cult of mysterious people and must now investigate the matter. The development of the game was started in the 2014 and it was announced by Sony in the year 2016 to massive popular demand making it one of the most anticipated titles of the year. We planned on listing the original title, but the sequel to the game is expected later this year and hence we wanted to just throw it out there. Fans of the genre have been eagerly waiting for this game for quite some time now and the game is expected to be a serious contender for the top spot once it releases. The gameplay, visuals, cut scenes and voice-acting of the game are top notch and we expect nothing less from the upcoming title.

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1. Dying Light (2015)

Dying Light is arguably one of the best survival horror games out there developed by Techland and published by Warner Brothers back in the year 2015 for Windows PC, Linux, OS X, the PS4 and the Xbox One. The game was also originally planned to be launched on the Xbox 360 and PS3 systems as well, but the game developers scratched the idea due to hardware limitations. Dying Light is set in a zombie infested quarantined city called the Harran and players are able to explore this facility through the eyes of Kyle Crane, an undercover agent. Keeping track of the day and night cycles in the game are extremely important as the zombies become considerable stronger during the night, making it harder for the players to complete their missions. The city has some high rising structures that are perfect for free-running and parkouring and the game uses these mechanics heavily to their advantage. Dying Light is one of the few zombie games out there that allow for parkouring, making it one of the most unique games on this list. The game also features an additional co-op multiplayer where you can team up with your friends in order to mow down hordes of zombies. All of this bundled together makes for an incredibly fun experience and that is why we are putting Dying Light at the top of our zombie-esque list.

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