Vanished into the Night: Is Poseidon a Real Restaurant?

Image Credit: Sara Petraglia/Netflix

In Netflix’s ‘Vanished into the Night,’ a parent’s worst nightmare comes true when two children are abducted from their bedroom. They were spending the weekend at their father’s place, who sat down to watch TV after putting them to bed. However, when he goes to their room to check in on them, he discovers they are nowhere to be seen. Things escalate when he gets a ransom call, and the kidnappers demand a sum he doesn’t have. To get that money, he has to travel into the sea and visit a restaurant to get the job done. The restaurant’s location makes it an interesting place, and with all the scenic places that the movie features (despite its dark themes), one is naturally interested in the location of the restaurant Pietro is sent to. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Poseidon Restaurant is a Fictional Location

The events of ‘Vanished into the Night’ take place in and around Puglia and Bari, where the film’s cast and crew set camp to make the movie. Almost all scenes were filmed on location, and the same holds true for the scenes regarding Poseidon. However, the restaurant itself is not real. It is a composite of several locations that were patched together to make it seem like one place for the purposes of the film.

According to the Netflix film, the restaurant is located somewhere in the sea on an island that works well with what Pietro needs to do to get the money for his children’s ransom. His old friend, Nicola, tells him that this is where he will be approached by the people he is dealing with. Because Pietro is a clean person who doesn’t have any criminal record, if he crosses paths with the authorities, he will not be suspected, which makes Nicola’s job much easier.

As directed, Pietro sails into the ocean on his boat until he gets to the island, which is closer to Greece than Italy and gets the job done. The place really is rather isolated, and Pietro understands why it would be chosen as a pick-up and drop-off point for illegal things. For the purpose of filming these scenes, the crew of ‘Vanished into the Night’ took to the locations within Puglia and Salento, which also serve as the backdrop for several other scenes in the movie.

The scene with Pietro docking his boat was filmed at the harbor, and the quaint Poseidon restaurant, a local place, was given a makeover. While the fans of the movie will be disappointed to know that the restaurant in the middle of the sea doesn’t exist in real life, they can still visit the places that the movie employed by visiting the picturesque surroundings of Puglia, Salento, and Bari.

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