The Vanishing Triangle Shooting Locations Details Revealed

With the creative genius Ivan Kavanagh at the helm, ‘The Vanishing Triangle’ is an Irish crime thriller drama series that focuses on Journalist Lisa Wallace whose mother was murdered tragically almost two decades ago. When she publishes an article about the unfortunate incident, she is contacted by the killer who torments her by sending pictures of the murder and of a new victim. Soon after that, the disappearance of a woman named Amy Reynolds comes to light. With the help of Detective David Burkely, Lisa fights through Garda red tape only to see more girls going missing in a short span of time.

In the meantime, Lisa keeps getting tortured by the killer as he makes her choose his victims and threatens her in person. After trying their best and going through so much, Detectives David and Lisa reach closer to confront the killer who is responsible for the latter’s mother’s death several years ago. Given the use of some interesting locations, such as the open waters, the jungle, and several real-life establishments, the viewers are bound to wonder where ‘The Vanishing Triangle’ is shot. If you happen to be one such curious soul, let us walk you through all the filming locations where the detectives try to uncover the identity of the killer across different terrains!

Where is The Vanishing Triangle Filmed?

‘The Vanishing Triangle’ is filmed in Ireland, specifically in County Wicklow. According to reports, principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the crime drama series got underway in late September 2022 and continued for more than a couple of months, before wrapping up in December of the same year. So, let’s not waste any time and head right into all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Irish show!

County Wicklow, Ireland

The shooting for a significant portion of ‘The Vanishing Triangle’ was carried out in County Wicklow, one of the 32 traditional counties of Ireland getting its name from the eponymous county town. The production team, particularly, utilizes the locales of the coastal town of Bray, which is situated in the northern part of County Wicklow. The cinematographer, Patrick Jordan, deemed the production process of the series as one of the most challenging ones he has ever been involved with.

Although the shoot for the debut season was quite a mangling rollercoaster ride for him, Patrick did not forget to mention that it was a great experience nonetheless, with lots of “great times and laughs along the way.” He even thanked the rest of the cast and crew as he got to learn a lot from them during the shoot, especially the ones he worked with on a daily basis. Moreover, the cast and crew take the production south of Bray, to the coastal town and seaside resort of Greystones. Surrounded by different landscapes, Greystones is bordered by the Irish Sea, the Wicklow Mountains, and Bray Head, with the natural features making quite a few appearances in the backdrop of several scenes.

The filming unit even traveled a bit out of County Wicklow, to the north and off the mainland to Dalkey Island. The open water and other surrounding areas of the uninhabited island were considered significant sites of pilgrimage for various centuries. The waters surrounding the island are used as a spot for sailing, fishing, angling, and diving. Apart from ‘The Vanishing Triangle,’ County Wicklow’s locales have been featured in numerous productions over the years, such as ‘In the Name of the Father,’ ‘The Great Train Robbery,’ and ‘The General.’

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