Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 15 Recap: Storm

In the fifteenth episode of ‘Vinland Saga’ season 2 titled ‘Storm,’ Arnheid eventually manages to reunite with her husband despite Snake not giving her permission. When Gardar gets the opportunity, he kills all of the guards and the couple flee. Snake eventually learns about this and starts a massive manhunt so that he can execute Gardar for what he has done.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 15 Recap

When Arnheid finally gets to the place where her husband has been held, she finds Snake and his men walking toward her. She gathers all her courage to ask for his permission to meet Gardar, but Snake refuses. When she inquires about his injuries, he tells Arnheid that he does not care about him in the slightest as he has killed one of his men. Before he leaves, Snake tells one of his men to take Arnheid back to Sverkel’s hut.

But as soon as Arnheid is alone with this man, she asks him to let her see her husband. Eventually the man agrees and takes her closer to Gardar. However, the guards who are keeping an eye on her husband immediately ask Arnheid what she is doing there. The man with her lies that Snake gave her permission to see her husband. Arnheid then meets Gardar who has been tied up after getting beaten up brutally by his captors.

Gardar apologizes to Arnheid for leaving her behind and promises to never do it again. She asks him to untie his hands but Arnheid is unsure. When the man asks her to go with him since it is getting late, Gardar jumps and bites so deep in his neck that he bleeds to death. The guards who had gone in the hut to rest come running outside to find one of their men dying in the pool of his own blood. When Snake and his men eventually return, they find bodies of their comrades and vow to kill Gardar as soon as they find him.

Why Does Einar Feel Thorfinn’s Ideal World Without War And Slaves Is Just a Dream? How Does Einar Want to Atone For His Crimes?

The night after Gardar escapes with Arnheid, Einar, and Thorfinn wake up completely clueless about the whole incident. It turns out that Thorfinn was concerned that his friend will take a reckless step but Einar reassures him that he does not want to cause more problems for Arnheid. However, as he reflects on his life, he does point out that it is not right that freedom can be taken away by violence. Acknowledging the role he has played in such a culture, Thorfinn also agrees with Einar and confesses that he is afraid of facing someone like Arnheid after she learns the truth about him.

The conversation eventually turns towards war and slavery, and that’s when Einar asks Thorfinn how he thinks it would possible to get rid of the latter. Thorfinn recalls his past and other experiences to point out that war is the biggest contributor to the evil of slavery and if it someone manages to stop wars, then slavery will slowly begin to dwindle on its own. Thorfinn even reveals that he struggles to sleep because of the people he has killed as they come to torment him during the night.

They often ask him about the strange dichotomy of his worldview in which he felt justified to take the lives of others without guilt even though he felt depressed and dejected when his own father was murdered. Thorfinn then talks about the idea of atoning for his crimes and feels that acknowledging the evils of war and slavery is not enough. He then says that he won’t feel that he has done enough until he has made more houses than he has burned and grown more wheat than he has trampled under his feet.

Although Einar understands Thorfinn’s dilemma, he still asks how his friend plans to protect the peaceful world he wants to create without war. He points out that it is impossible not to engage in violence when one gets attacked. But Thorfinn is adamant as he feels that violence is a vicious cycle that never ends. Einar sees the impracticality of Thorfinn’s ideas and that’s why he feels his friend’s ideas are just a dream.

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