Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 18 Recap: The First Method

In the eighteenth episode of ‘Vinland Saga’ season 2 titled ‘The First Method,’ Canute and his men approach Ketil’s farm to take control of it. Meanwhile, Ketil arrives at his home and learns that Arnheid tried to escape. He is already struggling to process that Canute is after his farm and Arnheid’s betrayal just pushes him over the edge even more and he cannot keep his emotions in check anymore. Meanwhile, Pater requests Leif to buy Einar and Arnheid from Ketil along with Thorfinn as he appears to fear for their future on the farm.

Ketil Beats Up Arnheid

With the plan to take Ketil’s farm from him, Canute approaches his land with his small army which also includes the Jomsvikings. One of his allies is intrigued by the fact that the king himself came so far for something his men could have easily done for him. It turns out that Canute actually plans to convince Ketil to give up his farm voluntarily as he considers his men to be precious resources that should not be wasted. At this point, they will take at least two to three days to finally get to Ketil’s farm.

Meanwhile, Ketil and his men have finally reached the farm. While Thorgill is excited about the battle ahead, his father is still in a state of shock. Before doing anything else, he looks for Arnheid and learns that she tried to escape the farm with his husband. Ketil feels everything is slipping away from his hands and is infuriated by the fact that Arnheid betrayed him. Elsewhere, Leif meets Snake to convince him to meet Thorfinn but is told that he will have to prove that Ketil is really okay with it. Pater then talks to Leif and requests him to buy Einar and Arnheid from Ketil as he appears to feel concerned for them.

Is Arnheid Dead? What Happens to Her?

After learning what had happened on the farm in his absence, Ketil heads straight to the stable where Arnheid has been tied up. Moments before his arrival, the guard who is keeping an eye on her says that Ketil is too easy on her and that if her punishment were to be left on people like him, she would probably have to endure the worst pain imaginable. When Ketil finally gets there, he tells the guard to leave him alone with Arnheid. He then asks her why she tried to escape the farm in his absence, but Arnheid stays quiet.

All of a sudden, Ketil swings the long stick in his arm with all his energy and hits her so hard that she flies off in the other direction. He then tells Arnheid that he won’t let anyone take his pride and continues to brutally beat her up. When he hits her stomach, she writhes in pain and tells Ketil not to hit her there. She then finally reveals that she is pregnant. Ketil naturally wants to know whose child is it and Arnheid swears that he is the father. When she asks him to trust her, Ketil only gets angrier and claims that she was the only one he had trusted until now.

When Arnheid looks at his face, she can see tears flowing from his eyes. However, Ketil still remains unforgiving and continues to beat her up until Snake stops her. By this point, Arnheid has sustained serious injuries and Pater checks up on her. Meanwhile, Snake tells Ketil that although she deserves some punishment for her crimes, if he continues to beat her he will be executing her. This appears to finally make Ketil realize how far he has gone with his brutal beating of Arnheid and he quitely starts to walk away.

Leif stops Ketil to ask him if he is willing to sell Arnheid and Einar along with Thorfinn. In spite of what has happened recently, Ketil tells Leif that Arnheid belongs to him only and he can take the other two slaves anywhere he wants. Later that day, Einar finally goes to see Arnheid, who is still unconscious. He is told by Pater not to touch her as she has some serious injuries. Although Arnheid is still alive at this point, her wounds are so deep, that she would lose the battle for her life in the near future.

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