Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 24 Recap: Home

In the twenty-fourth episode of ‘Vinland Saga’ season 2 titled ‘Home,’ Thorfinn finally reaches Iceland with Leif and others. Unfortuantely, when he meets his sister, she fails to recognize him. Thorfinn is naturally disheretened, but when he meets his mother, she manages to notice that he resembles his father. Thankfully, everyone eventually accept that Thorfinn has finally returned and they welcome him and his friends with open arms. As he finally becomes comfortable, he recounts the horrible experiences he has been through in the last sixteen years.

Thorfinn Reunites With His Family

As the ship approaches Iceland, Einar is mesmerized by the natural beauty of the region and argues that the stories can never really capture its true beauty. Thorfinn is really nervous as he has no idea what to expect. Finally reuniting with his family after such a long time is naturally a complicated affair. When the ship finally reaches the shore, Leif and others are questioned about their identity. The people there do not recognize Thorfinn, which is understandable.

However, they eventually allow Thorfinn to meet Ylva, his sister. When Leif finally introduces Ylva to Thorfinn, she refuses to believe that he is her brother. She thinks that Leif is just trying to cheer her up and bullies Thorfinn for fooling him. Naturally, Thorfinn is disheartened as no one really recognizes him in his own village. He sits at the shore contemplating his next move. Leif suggests that he meets his mother once as she would definitely recognize him.

When Thorfinn finally meets his mother, she stands quitely for a few moments before finally embracing his son. She says that he resembles his father in every way and there is no doubt that he is her son. Later that day, Thorfinn meets Ari as well, who is glad that his friend is alive. The two apoligize for the mistake they have made in the past. When Ylve returns home, she is shocked to see that Thorfinn is there.

Ylve feels that he is probably after the inheritance and confronts him again. However, her family manages to make her believe that Thorfinn is really her brother and he is now back to live with them. Thorfinn feels relieved as she appears to become quite and more open-minded, so he tries to hug her. However, Ylve kicks her as hard as she can and questions him where he has been all these years.

What is Thorfinn’s Life Goal?

Once everyone has accepted that Thorfinn is really back, they naturally wish to learn what had transpired in the sixteen years he had been away. Thorfinn also wants to tell his loved ones the entire story. Therefore, all of them sit together to listen to Thorfinn’s struggles and the horrors he has been through. As he recounts all the horrible things that have happened over the years, his family is shocked. Naturally, they don’t have any clue how to react to the tragedies that have tested Thorfinn.

Once Thorfinn tells them everything that has happened so far, they remain silent trying to process what they just heard. Naturally, deep down they feel immense sympathy for him but are probably also proud of how he has allowed his mistakes to become lifelong lessons that now shape his personality. After recounting his story, Thorfinn finally talks about his life purpose. It turns out that he plans to go to Vinland and establish a peaceful society where people fleeing from war and slavery can finally take refuge.

While most of his family members are shocked, Thorfinn’s mother gives him her blessings and encourages him to follow his heart. Naturally, Einar also wants to help him as well. Later that night, Thorfinn visits the grave of a slave that was once saved by his father. It appears that he finally understands the wisdom behind his father’s beliefs and actions. In contrast to his previous attitude, Thorfinn now plans to become more like his father and use the lessons of his tumultuous past as a guiding light in all the darkness.

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