Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: I want a horse

In the sixth episode of ‘Vinland Saga’ season 2 titled ‘I want a horse,’ Einar and Thorfinn meet an old man named Sverkel, who allows them to borrow his horse on the condition that they do some chores for him. However, the two of them do not realize that the short man that helps them is actually Ketil’s father and the most important man on the farm. When they pay him a visit on an ordinary day, Thorfinn and Einar learn some important life lessons.

Einar and Thorfinn Meet Sverkel

While working on the farm, Thorfinn and Einar realize that they desperately need a horse to do their work. Unfortunately, the retainers refuse to give them despite repeated requests. While walking back to work after another failed attempt, the two of them end up having an argument. Einar is not happy that Thorfinn seems really uninterested in earning their freedom while he on the other hand is desperate for it.

An old man who later introduces himself as Sverkel overhears their conversation and offers to let them borrow his horse on the condition that they do some chores for him. When the two slaves eventually get the horse after toiling hard under the sun, they make great progress in their work as well. Later one of the retainers sees the two of them with a horse and questions about it. When they explain that they got it from an old man named Sverkel, the duo learns that he is Ketil’s father and one of the most important men on the farm.

One day Thorfinn and Einar have to stop their work earlier than usual because of rain. When they return to Sverkel house, they overhear his conversation with Ketil. It turns out that Ketil is concerned about his father’s health. When Thorfinn and Einar get to meet Sverkel, he asks them to wash their clothes. While looking for the washtub, the duo accidentally ends up finding the head of his farm’s guards, Snake.

Why Does Sverkel Feel That His Son’s Farm Needs No Guards? Why Does He Detest Affluence?

Just when Thorfinn and Einar find Snake sleeping, the head of the farm’s guards suddenly wakes up as he realizes that the meal is ready. Sverkel mocks him for eating food shamelessly after doing absolutely nothing the whole day. Snake defends himself and argues that the farm is peaceful and well-protected thanks to him and his men who patrol the region at night. Interestingly, Sverkel does not buy his story and asserts that all that the head of the farm’s guards does is sneak into young women’s homes. Even though he knows that Ketil’s father has got a point, Snake shamelessly continues to defend himself.

After Thorfinn and Einar are also given something to eat, Snake starts explaining how he protects animals from getting stolen from the farm. Sverkel argues that the amount that he and his men get paid is anyway equal to what the thieves could have managed to steal so it does not really make a difference. He then reminds Snake that he is a Nordic man, who knows how to use swords and spears to defend himself and the farm. Sverkel also believes that nothing worse than a thief could ever get to the region thanks to the King Herald’s influence, who is offered an absurd amount of tribute by Ketil twice a year.

This ensures the farm’s safety from potential invaders, so guards are of no use according to Sverkel. He then also criticizes his son’s relentless pursuit to amass more wealth since he feels that holding onto a huge swath of land that one himself can’t defend is useless. According to him, affluence invites a lot of potential enemies and someone who continues to amass more of it has to be endlessly paranoid to protect it, which is something Sverkel feels that his son doesn’t understand.

Does Thorfinn Consider Einar His Friend?

After spending time with Sverkel and listening closely to his discussion with Snake, Thorfinn feels that he has learned a lot. Sverkel argument against amassing excess wealth and the evils that it attracts appears to profoundly impact Thorfinn and he briefly gets lost in deep contemplation. Sometime later, Thorfinn and Einar together sow seeds at the farm and appear to be quite satisfied with what they have achieved through hard work.

When Einar advises Thorfinn that he can spread more seeds than he had been so far, the latter momentarily seems doubtful. That’s when Einar asks him to show some faith since he is his friend. When Thorfinn reiterates the word friend, Einar is a little taken aback. He then asks Thorfinn if he considers him a friend or not. Interestingly, Thorfinn realizes for the first time that the both of them are close enough to be considered friends.

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