Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: Oath

In the ninth episode of ‘Vinland Saga’ season 2 titled ‘Oath,’ Thorfinn and Einar fight the retainers. After the former gets knocked out, the latter contines to fight determined to show his bullies their place. Thanks to never give up attitude, Einar miraceously beats up all the retainers, who are then forced to run away. While his friend is busy fighting a more of a physical battle, Einar is lost in an inner world while facing the demons of his post. His battle is more philosphical in nature, whose end leads to spritiual fulfillment and attainment of life purpose.

Einar and Thorfinn Fight Retainers

After Thorfinn gets hit in the fight with the retainers, he falls to the ground and does not wake up. Meanwhile, Einar does not hold back and continues to fight his bullies as if to remind them that he is also a human being. Despite not having Thorfinn fighting alongside him at the moment, Einar single-handedly beats up all the retainers, who are forced to then run away. Before they go, one of them warns Einar that he and his friend will have to pay for messing with them.

Einar is not bothered by the threat and seems quite pleased with himself. Meanwhile, Throfinn is lost in one of his worst nightmares. He first sees visions of his father but things slowly take a dark turn as zombified men slowly start pulling the father-son duo to the ground. Thorfinn’s father does not seem to be bothered by them but he reminds his son that he must pay for crimes that he has committed.

Soon the zombified men increase in number and Thorfinn sees Askeladd in front of him. When he inquires whether he is in Valhalla, Askeladd laughs at the stupid assessment and then tells him the truth. He reveals that Thorfinn is at the place where warriors get dumped after their death and it is a lot like the world of the living. Askeladd then adds that there is no victory there or any end to meaningless violence, a place where everyone is an enemy.

Why Does Thorfinn Want to Be Reborn?

Askeladd later tells Thorfinn that the people he is watching fighting with each other are none other than his countless victims who were mercilessly butchered by him over the years. As soon as he learns the shocking truth, Thorfinn can barely keep his emotions in check. To make matters worse, the dead bodies of his victims manage to get a hold of his leg and start climbing up while Thorfinn barely hangs from a rock.

When one of the victims finally manages to reach close, Thorfinn can see tears in his eyes and that’s when it finally hits him that he has unleashed incalculable misery and pain in the world. Thorfinn knows that he can barely feel justified in asking for forgiveness but he still apologizes over and over again. His victims suddenly start using bows and arrows to shoot him down while Thorfinn cries profusely, regretting what he had done.

That’s when Askeladd finally comes to his rescue and starts cutting down the zombified bodies of Thorfinn’s victims that are hanging onto him. While he fights, Askeladd reminds Thorfinn that he has no time to sit and cry. Even when the dead bodies which metaphorically represent the weight of his crimes are hanging onto him, Thorfinn must keep climbing according to Askeladd.

Moments later, Thorfinn finally wakes up and realizes that he has been dreaming after getting knocked out. As soon as he comes to his senses, he notices Einar on the ground lying motionless. He immediately rushes to his side to make sure that his friend is aside. Thorfinn is relieved that Einar is just injured, so he helps him stand back on his fit.

Einar gladly informs his friend that they have won the fight, while Thorfinn is busy thinking about something else altogether. He then tells Einar that he needs to be reborn, implying that he must atone for the unforgivable crimes that he has committed. After a long time, Thorfinn appears to have found some meaning to live for after barely existing for so long.

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