Virgin River Season 2 Episode 1 Recap and Review

Virgin River’ is the story of Melinda Monroe, a nurse practitioner who goes by Mel. After losing her husband in a tragic car crash, she relocates to the eponymous small town for a fresh start. While things don’t necessarily work out in her favor initially, over time, the place casts its magic on her. By season 2, she is armed with a better understanding of the residents and has made some lasting relationships with them. Here, we discuss what the pilot of season 2 has in store for you. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Virgin River Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Hope and Doc are back together but are sneaking around like teenagers so that the townsfolk don’t gossip about them. Charmaine is experiencing severe morning sickness, and Jack is worried about her health. In the meantime, Jack is unaware that Mel has come back to town and runs into her at Doc’s office; this makes for an awkward reunion sans any explanations. Later, Doc and Mel diagnose Charmaine with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). Muriel is romantically interested in Doc, and Hope wants him to go out with her to deflect any suspicions about them getting back together.

At night, Jack visits Mel, and they talk about her absence. She tells him that he has a real shot at a family, and she doesn’t want to get in the way of that. He reaffirms his love for her, but she states that she will complete her contract with Doc and leave the area. Naturally, there is much tension between Jack, Mel, and Charmaine. But he still asks the nurse to help treat Charmaine, despite her protests. On the other side of town, Paige and Preacher discuss the details of her past and the abusive relationship she was in. He even asks her (and Christopher) to move in with him.

Virgin River Season 2 Episode 1 Ending 

Brady shows up at the bar, asking for an opportunity to manage it. He also states that he has another lucrative offer he is willing to turn down for this. Jack is not interested, and after a heated conversation, Brady leaves. Mel agrees to take on Charmaine as a patient, especially owing to her professional expertise. She also talks to Doc about where she stands with Jack, and the wise old man tells her not to let things simmer for too long, otherwise the “pilot light” can get extinguished.

Paige agrees to move in with Preacher, but when she reaches home, she finds Christopher playing with Wes, her abusive ex-partner. Back at the bar, Preacher tells Jack to let Mel go, but the protagonist is adamant that he loves her and cuts the conversation short. In the last scene, a bruised man has broken into Doc’s office, where Mel is all alone.

What’s in Store for Paige?

Unfortunately, things don’t look so good for Paige. With Wes back in the picture, her predicament will not improve since such is the nature of abusers. Furthermore, he doesn’t seem like the sort of guy who will just take his son and leave. No, the least he will do is beat her senseless. He might emotionally and physically torment Paige as retribution for running away with his son. Obviously, he will also conveniently ignore the fact that he had hit Christopher in the past.

Neither Paige nor Christopher are going to be safe, although Wes will take out the majority of his anger on the ex-wife. Given that he had already convinced his cop buddies before that she was the perpetrator, Paige may not have a way out of this mess. However, her knight in shining armor could be Preacher, who has vowed to protect the mother-son duo from their abuser. Although it may take a while before this situation is resolved and Paige can gain some sense of normalcy, it seems to be the case that Preacher is her only way out.

Virgin River Season 2 Episode 1 Review 

The primary focus of the episode is the complicated situation between Jack, Mel, and Charmaine. Given the strenuous relationship between them, it is appreciated that the drama is used to fuel the narrative, instead of just creating more chaos. The plot offers valid and believable explanations as to why the women are acting in a particular manner. Character development is definitely on point.

With such a series, it is very easy to drag out an already complicated story for the sake of convenience. However, the twisted trio is investigated in a manner that does full justice to the story. Since multiple storylines are being unfolded in the episode, the climax is a great way to keep the audiences hooked onto something more than the conflict between the main characters.

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