VSeat on Shark Tank: Revolutionizing The Cycling Experience

When it comes to traditional bike seats, they tend to cause more trouble than joy, especially during long-distance rides. This takes out most of the fun of bike rides. But with the introduction of an ergonomic bike seat from VSeat, riders are bound to feel comfortable throughout the ride. In ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ season 15, the founders of V Seat take the sharks on a smooth ride through the features and advantages of their product, hoping to lock in an investment deal with at least one of the sharks.

VSeat: Who Are They And What Do They Do?

A graduate of Southwestern Law School, Ani Armstrong, began her professional career at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, where she was employed as the Primary Care Mirror District Manager. Having gained six years of experience there, she became a Senior Manager of Sales Training and Development at Intendis from 2004 to 2005. Next, she joined Johnson & Johnson – Life Scan and worked as the Regional Business Manager in Professional Sales. Then, from 2008 to 2013, Ani served as the Consultant to the CEO of Individual Food Service.

Taking a break from working, Ani took a sabbatical and pursued a Juris Doctorate program at the Southwestern School of Law. During this time, she was also a judicial extern for Judge Sandra Klein of the US Bankruptcy Court in the Central District of California. Meanwhile, she began cycling on weekends along the California coast, but instead of completely enjoying it, she was faced with bouts of pain and discomfort. But Ani’s trainer, Bryan Visintin, encouraged his clients to inculcate cycling into their regime for its unmatched health benefits. Starting in January 2010, he became the owner/operator of Pacific Coast Health – PCH. Then from January 2017 to April 2023, he served as the Vice President of the Marketing department at the Architectural Resouce Center – ARC.

Around 2017, when Ani talked about her persistent discomfort from her bike seat while cycling for long durations, Bryan was determined to come up with a solution with her. As the two dug deeper into the issue, they came across heaps of health issues that stem from the conventional bike saddles for both men and women alike, such as genital desensitization and more serious concerns. So, Ani and Bryan embarked on a mission to find a bike seat that didn’t compromise the riders’ comfort and health, but they could not find one. This encouraged them to create an advanced and ergonomic bike saddle themselves and perhaps build a brand out of it.

Together, they spent various hours researching, filed numerous patents, and tested different designs, before they finally came up with the VSeat in May 2017. While Ani Armstrong serves as the Founder and CEO of the company, Bryan Visintin is the COO. Prioritizing comfort and a healthier lifestyle, the VSeat is a revolutionary bike saddle that eliminates the negative features of conventional saddles as its ergonomic and sleek design provides stability, reduces discomfort, and distributes the weight of the rider equally onto supportive sit bones, not causing strain even during longer rides. The VSeat has a much wider base and a noseless design that helps in providing riders with a pain-free experience and improved groin health. Other health benefits include healthier blood flow and reduced pressure in joints.

V Seat Update: Where Are They Now?

Headquartered in Marina Del Rey, California, VSeat’s noseless and bump-less products have been making a positive impact on the cycling community since its formation in 2017. In April 2024, Bryan stated that they are elated to see the results of years of hard work and belief in their vision and are “so proud of the impact the VSEAT® has had on the cycling community…” Opening up about the impact of presenting their product on the show has had, he continued, “As a trainer, I’ve always found cycling to be a valuable part of maintaining health and fitness, which is why spreading the word about a healthier cycling experience on Shark Tank is such a rewarding opportunity.”

Echoing the sentiment and expressing gratitude about the “monumental opportunity,” Ani Armstrong added, “We hope this opens the eyes for serious and casual cyclists that they deserve to feel better about their next ride.” In October 2021, the two founders were honored to showcase their VSeat products at the Herbalife24 Triathlon Los Angeles to all the triathletes present at the event. Moreover, in July 2022, the VSeat advertised their products in the Palisades Will Rogers Marathon as well. With mostly positive reviews from customers, the VSeat complete bicycle seat is available in multiple colors at $119.00, exclusively on the official website of VSeat. By investing in this sadlde, you can bid farewell to the hours of pain and numbness, and embrace comfort and relief while riding your bike.

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