Wad-Free Shark Tank Update: Where Is Wad-Free Today?

Season 13 episode 5 of ‘Shark Tank’ saw entrepreneur Cyndi Bray introducing her product Wad-Free, hoping the Sharks would choose to tangle with her innovative solution of keeping sheets untangled. Wad-Free is an interesting invention that aims to keep sheets of all kinds from getting tangled inside a washer and dryer. Such a simple solution to an everyday problem sure got us curious to learn more about Wad-Free and the development status of its business. Well, here’s everything we managed to dig up!

Wad-Free: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The mastermind behind Wad-Free, Cyndi Bray, holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Illinois Chicago. However, Wad-Free was born out of frustration when the sheets Cyndi put inside her washer/dryer came out in a wad. No matter what she tried, the sheets either got entangled with each other or with other smaller objects, which led to improper washing or even the device getting damaged.

Cyndi scoured the internet for a solution to her problem but was surprised to see that there wasn’t any. Determined to solve the issue, Cyndi did not allow her drawbacks to stand in the way. Instead, she studied the reason behind the formation of a wad, educated herself in SolidWorks, formed several models, tested them with the public, took feedback, settled on the final prototype, and found a manufacturer.

Cyndi did all of the aforementioned things just within a mere fourteen months. The product she settled upon is straightforward to use and comes in the shape of a 4-inch by 4-inch square. The square contains four small holes in four corners with snap covers on them. All the user needs to do is take the four corners of the sheet and snap them into the four holes on the square. The sheet can then be washed and dried as usual.

The inventor of Wad-Free claims that her simple gadget reduces washing time, while the rounded corners of the squares keep them from entangling with other objects inside the washer. Additionally, Cyndi’s products are made from partially recycled and non-toxic plastic. She further mentioned that each piece can be used and reused for years.

Wad-Free: Where Are They Now?

Once Cyndi settled on her solution, she launched her own company Brayniacs LLC and began marketing Wad-Free through it. Here, her education in Business Management helped a lot as Cyndi used her experience to grow her business. Although the COVID-19 pandemic posed numerous challenges, including customer acquisition, Cyndi turned to marketing through social media and built up an efficient network of other entrepreneurs and customers.

Cyndi even built her website and produced her own video commercials, which went a long way towards finding her success. Since its launch, Wad-Free has received excellent reviews, leaving Cyndi quite amazed at the response. Currently, Wad-Free can be bought in packs of two from Cyndi’s website and will set you back by $18.99. The product is also available on the online retailing giant Amazon, Walmart, and has even been featured in The Grommet.

Wad-Free’s social media posts feature the numerous glowing reviews left by customers and stand as a testimony to the excellent customer service. Cyndi’s determination to extract a solution for her problem and her commitment to inventing and selling the product is remarkably inspiring, and we hope success never eludes her in the future.

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