Will There be a Warrior Season 3?

‘Warrior’ is Cinemax’s gripping and twisty action-drama, which is based on the original concept by Bruce Lee. Helmed by Jonathan Tropper as the showrunner, the series has been praised for its ambitious script and ideological pedigree. Packed with thrilling energy and racy action sequences, it is a remarkable period piece with an adrenaline kick. Now, since its debut in April 2019, the show has spanned two seasons. But this raises the next immediate question: will there be a ‘Warrior’ season 3? Let’s get started.

Warrior Season 3 Release Date:

‘Warrior’ season 2 premiered on October 2, 2020, on Cinemax, and ended with its 10th episode on December 4, 2020. First things first. Cinemax is now no longer making original content. However, both the seasons of ‘Warrior’ will move to HBO Max. That being said, there is still hope for the series to continue. Star Andrew Koji even said during an interview with Collider that he is not ready to let go yet:

“As creatives, we take each jump as it might be our last. Until a TV show is on its third or fourth season, it’s never certain to go ahead. I don’t know all of those things but that’s what I’ve heard. People may want more … If there’s an outcry, maybe we’ll be able to do more. One of my career goals is to Deadwood this. That show was done and they brought it back for a finale. That’s our goal — if there is an outcry. Hopefully, we’ll be able to continue. I really hope that they like this season because I think we made something special.”

As far as the fan outcry is concerned, there is already a petition from viewers, demanding a third edition. Koji even shared the link on his Instagram handle:


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Although there have been reports of the show facing difficulties in filming season two due to rising production costs and pandemic-induced shutdowns, we hope the audience demand will compel the creators to renew the series. If that happens soon enough, we can expect ‘Warrior’ season 3 to premiere sometime in late 2021.

Warrior Season 3 Cast: Who Can be in it?

Leading the cast is Andrew Koji as Ah Sahm, Olivia Cheng as Ah Toy, Jason Tobin as Young Jun, Dianne Doan as Mai Ling, Kieran Bew as Officer Bill O’Hara, Dean Jagger as Dylan Leary, Joanna Vanderham as Penelope Blake, Tom Weston-Jones as Richard Lee, Hoon Lee as Wang Chao, Langley Kirkwood as Walter Franklin Buckley, and Perry Yung as Father Jun. In season 3, we expect the entire lead cast to make a comeback.

Warrior Season 3 Plot: What Can it be About?

The pre-finale of ‘Warrior’ season 2 sees a massive riot that soon progresses to transform into a bloodbath. Several of the characters meet their end — such as Jacob and Tully. But to protect Chinatown from the mob, the Long Zi Tong and the Hop Wei stand together. The finale surmises the ripple effects of the aforementioned events and showcases the final showdown between Ah Sahm and Dylan Leary. Season 3, if renewed, will pick up the story from here and continue to narrate the multiple rivalries between the warring Tongs in Chinatown.

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