Was Mark Blevins Found? Is He Dead or Alive? Where is Mark Blevins Now?

Mark Blevins is suspected of being a child molester who allegedly sexually abused his adopted daughters. He was apprehended for the same but he managed to post bond and get himself his freedom. Since posting bond, Blevins has stayed out of the long reach of the law. Investigation Discovery’s ‘In Pursuit with John Walsh: Terror in Texas’ documents the alleged assault and his subsequent escape after posting bond. Let’s find out if Mark Blevins has been found, shall we?

What Happened to Mark Blevins?

Mark Blevins was a beloved police officer in the town of Victoria, Texas. He was a well-respected member of society, and people had no idea about the dark secrets he hid underneath. Blevins had even adopted two daughters and to the outside eye, had a perfect family life. In 1989, Mark Blevins was accused of sexually abusing his adopted daughters. As per the show, one of the daughters, Alisha, even went on to say that in 1989, she had reported the alleged sexual abuse through her mother.

The ensuing police investigation found out that Mark Blevins had been allegedly sexually abusing his daughters for over two years. Alisha was as little as nine years old when she had to go through such a terrifying ordeal. Following up on the report, the police investigation led authorities to conclude that Mark Blevins was responsible for the sexual assault. Thus, he was arrested and even charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. Unfortunately, the offense was bailable, and Mark posted bail before deciding to disappear for good.

Is Mark Blevins Dead or Alive?

Mark Blevins has been on the run from the law for over 30 years now. However, the police force believes that he is still alive and is putting all of their resources towards locating him. Once Mark Blevin got out on bond, he managed to give authorities the slip and fled the town. At present, Mark has several arrest warrants out on his name. However, law enforcement has been unsuccessful in figuring out his current whereabouts and thus is unable to bring him in.

For almost three decades, Mark Blevins managed to outrun the law, leaving authorities baffled. Neither public incentives nor several manhunts have managed to track him down. The case lay dormant for quite a few years until, as per the show, Alisha reached out to the police to express her displeasure at the proceedings. She urged the police to up the ante and use other methods to track down Mark. Thus, the police decided to launch a new effort in order to apprehend the alleged child molester.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children also published an age-progressed picture of Mark Blevins, which could help with the investigation. Moreover, although he has been missing for 30 years, authorities believe he is still alive as his name appears as a living relative on several of his family’s obituaries, including one in 2020. With a new task force now dedicated to Mark Blevins’ capture, we can sure hope that the accused will be caught and brought to trial in the near future.

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