Grease: Was Susan Pregnant? Who was the Father of Her Baby?

Image Credit: Ed Araquel/Paramount+

Created by Annabel Oakes, the Paramount+ musical teen drama series ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies’ serves as a prequel to the 1978 classic film ‘Grease,’ which is based on the namesake stage musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. Discussing her approach to the narrative, Oakes explained that while the film offers the 1970s commentary on the 1950s, she and her collaborators seek to comment on the 1950s and 1970s through the perspective of the 2020s.

Although the narrative of the show focuses on the four founding members of the Pink Ladies, the supporting characters get considerable attention as well. Portrayed by Madison Thompson, Susan is initially depicted as a romantic rival of Jane Facciano (Marisa Davila) and could have become a one-note character. But the writers flesh her out, depicting her as the victim of the tradition she often ends up defending. In episode 7, it is implied that Susan was pregnant at one point. Here is everything you need to know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Susan’s Pregnancy Revelation in ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies

Yes, Susan was pregnant in ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies.’ Susan is Buddy’s former girlfriend. At the start of the series, when Jane is in a relationship with Buddy, the dynamic between her and Susan is downright antagonistic. The same can be said about the other Pink Ladies as well, who are, like Jane, outcasts at Rydell High for various reasons. In contrast, Susan is the proverbial popular girl. She not only upholds the traditions of the school but also is seemingly one of the biggest beneficiaries of it.

But as the series progresses, it becomes apparent that she is also a victim, and Jane realizes this. When she finds what is supposed to be Buddy’s apology letter, the Pink Ladies consider the option of making it public. Buddy earlier lied to one of his friends about having sex with Jane, and that lie spread through the school like wildfire. In the letter, Buddy writes about having sex with Susan. However, Jane realizes that if they make the letter public, it will only hurt Susan, not Buddy.

The two girls grow close while taking the driving test together. Even though they both fail, they end up earning each other’s grudging admiration. Susan even points out to Jane that the Pink Ladies can use their soaring popularity as currency at school. In episode 8, the Pink Ladies wish to hold a rock-and-roll school dance but know that the parents will never agree to it. Susan asks the girls to let her help them, claiming she speaks “parents.”

While Susan does convince the PTA and the Principal, who happens to be her father, to allow the students to host the party, she finds her mother to be her worst detractor. On the day of the dance, Susan’s mother refuses to let the Pink Ladies in. When Susan confronts her mother about it, the older woman heavily implies that Susan was pregnant at one point, and the family approached a doctor they knew could be discrete to perform an abortion.

The Identity of Susan’s Baby’s Father

Susan’s mother also indicates that Buddy (Jason Schmidt) was the father of the unborn child. Susan most likely became pregnant while they were in a relationship. But Buddy was not informed about the pregnancy or the abortion. Susan’s mother uses her daughter’s past as a weapon against her, forcing her to comply. She tells Susan that she is easily “corruptible,” reminding her that the last time she had “fun,” it had “consequences.” Susan’s mother represents a unique brand of hypocrisy. In public, these people will claim to be the guardians of tradition and social values, but they will do things that are considered heinous and sinful by their own moral code just to maintain their social standing.

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