We Have Always Lived in the Castle: Do Mary and Constance Leave the Castle?

Mary “Merricat” Katherine and Constance’s lives changed forever when their parents got killed in their castle in Stacie Passon’s mystery thriller film ‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle.’ One of the attractions of the village became nothing but a crime scene that carries the scary memories of the murders. Although the authorities clear the names of the surviving family members from the investigation, the villagers do not settle with the same. They demand the departure of the two sisters from the castle and even rely on brutality for their wish to materialize. Still, Mary and Constance remain resilient! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Home, Forever

Ever since the murders of Mary and Constance’s parents, the villagers want the two sisters to “go away.” The crowd around the duo compares them to witches and condemnable beings and makes it clear that they do not wish to live with two such people. At first, Mary and Constance ignore the villagers’ provocations, aimed at their potential departure. Upon the group’s attempts to banish the sisters, right after their house catches fire, Mary realizes that she cannot remain shy and silent anymore. She starts to use the villagers’ fear against them when they demand the siblings’ departure.

Mary and Constance are expected to continue living in the castle. Even though they may not receive much help to renovate the establishment, they may find a way to live in the same place. The villagers have been taking advantage of the sisters’ vulnerability to ask them to leave the place without showing them any kindness. Since the two of them don’t retaliate against the people who hurt them, the group makes use of their silence and helplessness to continue taunting them. The villagers also include the two children who show up in the castle to call Mary a witch. By opening the door of the house and standing before the children, she is making it clear that she is no longer scared of them.

Mary is embracing the accusations against her to scare the people who want her gone with her sister. As she continues to look at individuals’ eyes and stand against them, the villagers may retreat. She also announces that she wants to kill the crowd by poisoning their food, which displays her resilience to not let the people around her control her life. Although she may not be able to eliminate every one of them, her wish displays her determination to stay in the castle with her sister regardless of the challenges they have been facing.

Mary killed her parents to safeguard Constance from the harm they had been inflicting on the latter. As far as Mary is concerned, not even her parents were more valuable to her than her elder sister. She also kills Charles to make sure that the latter won’t hurt her sibling anymore. The intrusion of her parents, Charles, and the villagers convince her that she cannot remain silent when her loved one is affected. She resolves the predicament with Charles by killing him after murdering her parents to retaliate against them. The villagers are next on the line for her.

If the people around her continue to make Mary and Constance’s lives miserable, the former is not expected to show them any mercy which she hadn’t shown to her parents and cousin. She may rely on the occult to unleash her wrath on villagers such as Jim Donnell. The two boys who run away from the Blackwood castle may have spread the word concerning the change in Mary in the village. As days go by, her unsettling demeanor may increase the divide between the castle and the village. If the villagers do not let the sisters live peacefully, Mary may not hesitate to reopen the tin of poison to stir fear in the minds of individuals who want her and her sister gone.

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