We Summon the Darkness: Everything We Know

‘We Summon the Darkness’ is one of those delicious horror thrillers that feature a lot of gore and is an absolute paradise for those who love violent movies. It rests on the premise of one extreme confrontation that stretches out, and the conclusion comes with the survival of one party. However, before that, the blood flows, spills and sprays generously as both sides battle it out on some common ground, one group looking to make a killing, while the other group will go to any lengths to survive the ordeal.

The movie made its debut at the Fantastic Film Festival where critics praised the premise and the performances. ‘We Summon the Darkness’ puts up an interesting backstory, which lends the movie an additional layer of depth where the plot is concerned. However, the story does not overly complicate itself, which is exactly what we expect from films like these. Audiences love to see the violence playing out, unrestrained and almost unhinged. The movie gladly indulges these wishes and looks to deliver a satisfactory experience. Here is everything that we know about ‘We Summon the Darkness’.

We Summon the Darkness Plot: What Is It About?

‘We Summon the Darkness’ follows three girls, Val, Beverly, and Alexis. They are the best of friends. We see them heading to a heavy metal concert. While on the road trip, an incident causes them to confront three boys, Mark, Kovacs, and Ivan in the parking lot. There is a hint of tension, which soon disappears when they all get along splendidly. Seemingly nobody told these kids not to trust everyone at heavy metal concerts.

Anyhow, after the concert, they plan to have an after-party and go back to Alexis’ secluded country home, which is empty since her parents are away. While the film sets up this story, we know that America has already been rocked by a series of murders by a Satanic cult. The media has covered this, sending people into a frenzy, as they are scared about this kind of evil that seems to lurk in the nation’s heartland.

However, neither the girls nor the boys have any of this on their minds. They are in for a night of debauchery, which quickly goes wrong. The three girls drug and tie up the boys, who are about to discover how these three are tied to the nationwide murders that have been portrayed so extensively on the media. While Val and Alexis are going in for the kill, Beverly, the newcomer, gets cold feet. She ends up helping the guys break free.

Although they think they have initially escaped, they soon realize that the girls have a much bigger hunting ground. This is where ‘We Summon the Darkness’ launches into absolute mayhem, not holding back on the violence. Both groups use improvised weapons. Although we want Beverly and the other guys to survive, Val and Alexis are impressive hunters, and they prove that they will stop at nothing to get what they want. Anyone who comes into their hunting grounds is also eliminated, which includes a cop and Alexis’ own stepmom. Ultimately, the night of chaos and violence is one from which no one can escape unscathed.

‘We Summon the Darkness’ promises to be unabashedly brash, extremely violent, and completely fun. The story promises to have the same vibes as a late-night movie guaranteed to blow the viewers away.

We Summon the Darkness Cast: Who Is In It?

The cast of ‘We Summon the Darkness’ mainly comprises of the girls and guys who find themselves on opposite sides one deadly night. We have Alexandra Daddario playing the role of Alexis, who is the group leader of the girls. While Daddario’s performance is bound to stand out, the other girls deliver fantastic performances as well. They include Maddie Hasson as Val and Amy Forsyth as Beverly. The guys include Keean Johnson as Mark, Logan Miller as Kovacs and Austin Swift as Ivan. Johnny Knoxville appears as Pastor John Henry Butler, and his role is supposed to have a twist in the movie that will leave audiences mindblown.

We Summon the Darkness Crew: Who Is Behind It?

Marc Meyers has helmed ‘We Summon the Darkness’, and the film’s script comes from Alan Trezza. Tarin Anderson is the man behind the camera, while James Harris, Mark Lane, Kyle Tekiela, and Jarod Einsohn are on board as the producers. ‘We Summon the Darkness’ is being distributed by Saban Films.

We Summon the Darkness Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘We Summon the Darkness’ has already made its debut at the Fantastic Film Festival. Apart from that, the movie is slated to be released on December 13, 2019. It will be released on video on demand and will get a limited theatrical release.

We Summon the Darkness Trailer:

You can check out the official movie clip of ‘We Summon the Darkness’ below, to get an idea of what the movie has in store.

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