Web of Dreams: Everything We Know

Directed by Mike Rohl, Lifetime’s ‘Web of Dreams’ is a television movie that revolves around the return of Luke Casteel Jr. and Annie Stonewall at Farthinggale Manor in Boston after the demise of Troy Tatterton, Annie’s biological father. Annie finally learns the truth about her heritage as she finds her maternal grandmother, Leigh van Voreen’s diary that reveals all the secrets about her family.

‘Web of Dreams’ is captivating enough to keep the fans hooked from the start to the very end. Naturally, fans of the Casteel series must be curious about the filming location and other details of the movie. So we dug deeper, and here’s everything we found out about the film.

Web of Dreams Filming Locations

‘Web of Dreams’ was filmed entirely in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It offers majestic mountains, mesmerizing Pacific coastlines, and other picturesque natural locations that are ideal for filming. The province has been a prominent filming location for a long time, and it continues to have a considerable influence in the film industry in North America.

The filming for the ‘Web of Dreams’ began on January 21, 2019, and wrapped up on February 11, 2019. This westernmost Canadian province has 51 cities, but the shooting was limited to only two. So without further ado, let’s delve deeper into the exact filming locations of the movie.

Langley, British Columbia

The principal filming for the movie was done at Langley, British Columbia. The crew was spotted shooting in Derby Reach Park on February 8, 2019. Some important interior and exterior shots were taken at 10735 Allard Crescent. Trailers and other personal vehicles of the crew were all parked at the Fort Langley Golf Course, 9782 McKinnon Crescent. In addition, to Derby Reach Park, shooting was also done on 21122 12 Avenue and 6741 224th Street in the city.

It is not surprising that Langley is one of the shooting locations for the film since it is a sought-after filming destination in Canada. Several well-known television shows like ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Riverdale,’ ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ ‘Supergirl,’ and movies such as ‘The Butterfly Effect’ and ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ were also filmed in Langley.

Vancouver, British Columbia

‘Web of Dreams’ was also filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. The city has several well-known production studios which have helped Greater Vancouver and other nearby areas become a prominent movie production center in North America apart from America. Its television and film production offers employment to over 20,000 people. No wonder the city now produces about 55 television series and 65 movies every year.

Web of Dreams Cast

The movie features Jennifer Laporte as Leigh van Voreen. She is best known for ‘Spiral’ and ‘Freaky Friday.’ British actor Max Lloyd-Jones appears as Tony Tatterton, while Canadian actress, Cindy Busby, plays the role of Jillian. David Lewis essays the character of Cleeve van Voreen. The actor is popular for television shows like ‘The InBetween,’ ’Unspeakable,’ ‘The Good Doctor,’ ‘The Arrangement’ and many others.

Other noteworthy cast members who are a part of ‘Web of Dreams’ are Tim Donadt as Luke Casteel Sr., Liam Hughes as Troy Tatterton, Lizzie Boys as Annie Stonewall, Keenan Tracey as Luke Casteel Jr., Eileen Barrett as Edith, Iris Quinn as Grandma Jana, and Peter Bundic as James.

Is Web of Dreams Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Web of Dreams’ is not based on a true story. The movie is based on the fifth and final novel of The Casteel series, the first two books of which were written by V.C. Andrews, who passed away after starting the third book ‘Fallen Hearts.’ Her Ghostwriter Andrew Neiderman later finished the third book and wrote the final two books – ‘Gates of Paradise’ and ‘Web of Dreams’ – inspired by Andrews’ work.

‘Web of Dreams’ is a prequel to ‘Heaven,’ the first novel in the series. It focuses on Heaven’s parents as they prepare for her birth while also revealing several mindboggling secrets. ‘Heaven’ follows the eponymous protagonist as she is separated from her siblings by her father. Interestingly, Ann Patty, Andrews’ editor, said that only ‘Heaven’ is based on a true story in the entire ‘Casteel’ series.

However, it would be unwise to presume that her story is not inspired by real-life events. In 1986, the author, V.C. Andrews, gave her last interview before her death due to breast cancer, in which she said that it was newspapers that gave her ideas for her books. The things that readers may find odd actually do happen in real life to children. So, even though ‘Web of Dreams’ is not based on a true story, according to Andrews, it draws inspiration from real-life events and crimes around us.

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