Welcome to Demon School Season 3 Episode 20 Recap: Bad Company & Heartfelt Cooking Class

In the twentieth episode of ‘Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun’ season 3 titled ‘Bad Company & Heartfelt Cooking Class,’ Iruma visits Lied-kun’s house after buying a gaming console so that they can play video games together. There the titular protagonist meets Lied’s sister Shax Shakky, who tries to flirt with him. The following day when Iruma is spending time with Ameri, he learns that she has been prohibited from the kitchen by her father and decides to invite her to his home.

Iruma and Lied-kun Spend Time Together

Ever since Iruma won the Young King title, Sullivan could barely keep his feet on the ground. He is extremely proud of his grandson’s achievements. Although the duo has managed to get the dalet rank, the rest of his classmates must also get it as soon as possible because there are very few days left before the conclusion of the first year and if they fail to fulfill the challenge, the misfit students will be kicked out of the Royal One.

Following his success at the Harvest Festival, Iruma asks his grandfather to buy him a gaming console. Once he gets one, the titular protagonist visits his dear friend Lied, so that the two of them could play together. However, Iruma has not forgotten that he won the Young King title only because he received the help of nearly all his classmates. As he finally sits in Lied’s room, he explains everything about the new game that he has just bought including the fact that players can even get married now.

The conversation soon turns toward the kind of girls Iruma is interested in. When he refuses to say anything about it, Lied pulls out an erotic magazine. The commotion of their playful fighting wakes up Lied’s sister Shax Shakky, who is disappointed to not find a date at the latest devi-mixer. But when she notices Iruma, she immediately runs away and returns in a red dress. As she flirts with the titular protagonist, Lied forces her to go away.

However, she tries one more time to talk to him after realizing that Sulllivan’s grandson. This time Lied himself takes her back to her room and ensures that Shax Shakky does not bother them again. It turns out that he sees Iruma as his younger brother and wants to look after him. But he is surprised to learn that the titular protagonist also sees him in the same way. The following day at school, Ameri feels that Iruma and his friends are stars for the students so she avoids congratulating him right away.

When the titular protagonist later learns that she wants to make sweets but has been prohibited from the kitchen by his father, he invites her to his home. Opera-san takes the duo to the kitchen and informs them that Sullivan is not present in the house as he has gone out for some work. He then waits outside so that they can cook whatever they want after requesting them to not hesitate in asking for his help.

Do Iruma and Ameri Manage to Bake Cookies?

After washing his hands, Iruma finds Opera’s recipe book and stumbles upon the method to make cookies. Although it is mentioned that they should take only a particular amount of an ingredient, Iruma and Ameri just ignore those instructions. While the titular protagonist simply puts a whole slab of butter to make cookies, his partner in crime pours several kilograms of sugar into a bowl arguing that sweets require a lot of sugar to make.

Iruma has to struggle hard for survival when he was young, so when it comes to cooking, the only rule he knows is to toss everything in a container and just mix it all together. While Ameri may not directly relate to his experiences, she is just as clueless when it comes to kitchen work. Opera-san is watching all the drama unfold right in front of his eyes and he does not take long to realize that the duo has no cooking experience at all. As Iruma and Ameri continue to mix ingredients randomly, they end up making a mess and Opera-san has to eventually intervene.

Opera-san then lectures them about cooking briefly in which he mentions that the two of them cannot simply ignore the instructions of a recipe. He also adds that they need to realize that love is also an important ingredient in the cooking process and elaborates how they can inculcate it into their recipes. His advice turns out to be quite effective as Ameri and Iruma manage to bake delicious cookies by the end of the day.

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