Where Are the West Memphis Three Now?

‘The West Memphis Three: An ID Murder Mystery’ is an Investigation Discovery docuseries that reexamines one of the most discussed false convictions in the history of the United States: the West Memphis Three. Having seen several movie and television adaptations, each new production about the case runs the risk of becoming repetitive. However, the Investigation Discovery series offers a rather refreshing look at the true event, with an interview from one of the defendants. Apart from that, the series also explores celebrity activism and the wave of satanic panic that arose in the town of West Memphis.

You can read about the real story of the West Memphis Three in detail here. In a nutshell, three boys, Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr., and Jason Baldwin, were accused of brutally murdering three eight-year-old boys. They were sentenced to prison despite no solid proof that they committed the crimes. In 2011, the three were released as part of an Alford plea.

Where Is Damien Echols Now?

Damien Echols currently lives in Harlem, New York City. According to his Facebook page, he is a ceremonial magician and an artist. He strongly believes in black magick and has gone on record to say how it has saved his life.


In fact, he has also written several books. According to his Goodreads page, he has written as many as eight. Some of them are ‘Life After Death,’ ‘Almost Home,’ and ‘Yours For Eternity.’

In ‘Yours For Eternity,’ Echols recounts how he came to fall in love with his now-wife, Lorri Davis. After hearing how Echols was wrongfully convicted in ‘Paradise Lost,’ Davis had written a letter to Echols. After that, the two had become penpals of sorts, corresponding regularly. Echols recently started a podcast called ‘Not Just Idle Chatter.’ You can listen to the podcast on YouTube here.

Where is Jason Baldwin Now?

Jason Baldwin, on the other hand, lives in Austin, Texas. He moved there from Seattle in 2017 to co-found Proclaim Justice: a not-for-profit organization that dedicates itself to help the wrongfully convicted. According to his profile on the webpage of Proclaim Justice, Baldwin is currently pursuing undergraduate studies and aims to get a law degree.

Apart from that, Baldwin also actively opposes the death penalty. You can check out his Facebook page to hear his views on the topic and see how he has participated in protests against the death penalty.

Apparently, Baldwin and Echols’ friendship suffered a major blow due to the movie ‘Devil’s Knot.’ Echols does not have any hard feelings for Baldwin, but he had a problem with something that was depicted in the movie while Echols was trying to work with the filmmakers to ensure an authentic portrayal. According to Echols, the movie drove a wedge between the two of them.

Where is Jessie Misskelley, Jr. Now?

Not much is known about Jessie Misskelley, Jr.’s current whereabouts, and what he is up to. He has been living a largely private life, unlike Echols and Baldwin. If the most recent reports about Miskelley, Jr. still hold true, he has been living in West Memphis. The last time Miskelley, Jr. was in the limelight was in 2017 when he was arrested for multiple traffic violations. He was penalized with a bond of $875 and not returned to prison.

Miskelley, Jr.’s former girlfriend, Susie Brewer Boggan, had reportedly shared how he had been “mad” for not having a life as good as Echols’ or Baldwin’s. Furthermore, she had also shared how she had reminded Miskelley, Jr. that Echols and Baldwin had finished their GED in prison while Miskelley, Jr. did not make productive use of his time.

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