What Do Extreme Sisters’ Brittany and Briana Do For a Living?

TLC’s ‘Extreme Sisters’ portrays the relationships of five fascinating sister duos that are eccentric and highly intimate. The show tries to determine what happens when a relationship between sisters becomes so obsessive that one cannot function without the other. The featured siblings often face backlash from society and their loved ones, but they remain unperturbed about what the world thinks.

Briana and Brittany Deane are identical twins who are married to twin brothers Jeremy and Josh, respectively, and lead a very dynamic life in Virginia. ‘Extreme Sisters’ showcases their beautiful relationship on the show and introduces the viewer to their daily lives. Naturally, one might get curious about how Briana and Brittany earn their living. Well, we come bearing answers!

What Do Brittany and Briana Do For a Living?

Brittany and Briana hail from Wilmington, North Carolina, but moved to Virginia when they started attending Sweet Briar Women’s College. After graduating in 2008, the sisters decided to look for a career in law. Since their childhood, Brittany and Briana have never stayed separated from each other. However, when they got into different law schools in two different states, the sisters were forced to leave each other. Both Brittany and Briana claim that living alone was one of the hardest things they ever had to do in their lives.

After law school, the sisters came back to Virginia as licensed attorneys and joined the same law firm. In 2015, when the Sweet Briar College was on the verge of shutting down, the “Sweet Briar Twins” helped their alma mater by offering their services for the college in public relations and raising money to save the institution. In the following year, the sisters again lent their help to the Sweet Briar College when they took up positions in college admissions.

Briana and Brittany met the Salyers twins in 2017 and got married to them in a beautiful ceremony in Twinsburg, Ohio, the following year. After tying the knot, both couples decided to share a house in Virginia. Presently, sources report that both Briana and Brittany are licensed attorneys and work in the same legal firm in Virginia. The sisters, though, prefer not to reveal the name of their firm as they have been dealing with an alleged stalker and have a restraining order against him.

Apart from their jobs in the law firm, both sisters, along with their respective husbands, own Smith Mountain Manor, a glorious building located near Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. A fantastic and popular destination rented out for weddings, it even has various premade packages for weddings which range from $500 to $3800. Moreover, the manor also hosts all kinds of events, including but not limited to birthdays, anniversaries, and parties. The Salyers family surely earn a significant amount of money from their business at the manor.

What Is Brittany and Briana’s Net Worth?

Briana and Brittany work hard to make their money. Their present net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Their earnings from their jobs in the law firm and their income from being a part of ‘Extreme Sisters’ and the TLC special ‘Our Twinsane Wedding’ allow them to live life comfortably. The Smith Mountain Manor and their earnings from it also add to the net worth of the sisters.

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