What Happened to Aaron? Did Hope Ipkopu Jnr Leave Top Boy?

Following the story of the Summerhouse gang in east London, Netflix’s ‘Top Boy’ presents an engaging crime drama that has relevant issues at its core. The show follows the story of Sully and Dushane, who run the gang and are constantly at war with one gang or another to establish their monopoly over the area and its drug business. In the first two seasons, their primary rival is a newbie named Jamie. He believes that the likes of Sully and Dushane should take a backseat and let him and his gang run things from now on.

The rivalry creates many problems for Jamie, and he has to be very careful because he has two brothers to protect. His brother, Aaron, is in university, while the younger one, Stefan, is still in school. With their parents dead, Jamie is in charge of the family and has to ensure his brothers don’t fall with the wrong crowd. His absence in the third season poses a question on the future of his brothers. SPOILERS AHEAD

Jamie’s Death Changes Things For the Tovell Brothers

While Jamie was focused on becoming the top boy and running a drug gang, he was also invested in the future of his brothers. Despite being a gang leader, he didn’t want his brothers to be involved in a life of crime. He does everything to keep them away from his world, ensuring they get a good education and leave their neighborhood to build a better life. While Stefan is prone to being interested in Jamie’s work, Aaron is all about his education.

Aaron doesn’t plan to live in their neighborhood all his life and wants a better future in which he receives the support of his brother. However, Jamie’s line of work also causes some rift between the brothers, even though Aaron knows that everything Jamie does is for him and Stefan. When Aaron secures a place for himself in the university, it opens a door for him to step out of his old life and create a new one for himself, and he doesn’t want anything to jeopardize it.

In the first season’s final episode, Aaron’s plans are almost derailed when he is arrested. Unbeknownst to anyone, Stefan’s friend, Ats, planted a bag of drugs and weapons in their home at the behest of Dushane, who later dropped an anonymous tip to the authorities. When the cops arrived at their house, Aaron was there with his girlfriend and Stef. All three of them are arrested. However, Jamie shows up just in time to take the entire blame.

The arrest leads to Aaron’s breakup with his girlfriend. Things get worse between him and Jamie in the second season, but they still love each other. When Dushane tells Jamie to kill Kit in the second season, he considers taking his brothers and running away to Cardiff. However, Aaron tells him he cannot just throw away his future. He has university exams next week and cannot miss them. Jamie chooses his brother’s future over Kit but is later killed by Sully.

Aaron’s Absence Gives More Space to Stefan

Jamie’s death is a turning point in his brothers’ story. While Stefan is left behind, Aaron further distances himself from his home and spends all his time at the university. He doesn’t appear in the series’ final season, which means that Aaron plans to stay as far away from the gang and its violence. He is dedicated to securing a good future for himself.

Aaron’s absence in the final season could be a creative decision, considering there is no substantial role for him to play in the drama that unfolds following Jamie’s death. The season is more focused on Stefan, who stays behind and is still wrapped up in some things there. Aaron, however, has escaped that life. Following his exit from ‘Top Boy,’ actor Hope Ipkopu Jnr has been busy rolling out more music, along with his two projects, ‘Faith’ and ‘The Kitchen,’ lined up for release.

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