What Happened to Amanda and Timothy Smith? Where Is Presley Brown Now?

As the name suggests, Lifetime’s ‘Phrogging: Hider in My House’ delves into the crime of “Phrogging” or living in someone’s house without their knowledge. The crime of Phrogging is generally terrifying for the legal residents, and the Lifetime series brings to the forefront a few chilling and, frankly, creepy cases that might even make you stay up at night. Interestingly, the episode “Creepy Crawlies” describes the experience engaged couple Timothy and Amanda went through after finding an intruder in their crawlspace and also takes us through the time when Presley Brown wound a man in her wardrobe. Well, let’s delve into the details surrounding the cases and find out more, shall we?

What Happened to Amanda and Timothy Smith?

Back in 2019, Amanda and Timothy were engaged for about a year and a half and were living together in an apartment in Portland, Oregon. They both led quite busy lives as Amanda worked as a coordinator for a local hospital while Timothy ran a French Bistro in town. Still, being very much in love, they tried their best to take time out of their busy schedules and spend some time together.

Timothy Smith

Incidentally, with their wedding fast approaching, Amanda and Timothy decided it would be best to invest in a house. Interestingly, their realtor even got them quite an incredible deal for their budget, and the couple believed they had hit the jackpot. Eventually, they moved into the house in June 2019, and the next month, Amanda and Timothy’s loved ones threw them a wedding shower. However, once the two made their way back home from the shower, they found a box and a laptop propped up against their car. The box contained some pretty sharp knives, and the pair were in for a further shock as they entered the house and found half-eaten cupcakes on the kitchen counter. Surprisingly, a game system was missing, and there was a large tarp, which neither of them owned, in the garage.

Subsequently, Timothy tried to open the door to their bedroom but realized that it was locked. Nevertheless, he and Amanda used a spare key and entered the room to find it in complete disarray. There were objects thrown all around, and the walls had holes large enough for a man to pass through. Besides, a second bedroom that held the entrance to the crawl space was also trashed, and the two soon realized that there was someone living in the crawl space. Although Timothy gathered his courage and entered the crawl space to investigate, all he found was a cat. Still certain of someone else’s presence, the pair decided to back away and call the police for help.

Amanda Smith

Once authorities arrived, they carried out a thorough search and arrested Ryan Bishop, who was living in the crawl space and was even dressed in Amanda’s clothes. Ryan was incidentally from Vancouver, Washington, and although he was charged with 1st-degree burglary and 1st-degree criminal mischief. He pled guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 36 months of probation in 2019. Thankfully, Amanda and Timothy’s bond grew stronger because of this incident, and the two tied the knot about two months after the incident. Although they prefer to keep their current whereabouts hidden for obvious reasons, they appear to still be together and are leading a happy life.

Where Is Presley Brown Now?

Interestingly, Presley Brown was just 11 and lived with her parents in Oklahoma when she found an intruder living illegally in her wardrobe. The show mentioned that the Oklahoma native was a pretty good student and was also quite popular among her friends. Moreover, she even shared a solid bond with her parents, and being an eleven-year-old was indeed the apple of their eye. However, nothing could have prepared her for the shock she was about to receive in November 2016.

Presley Brown

On a day in November 2016, Presley was busy on her mobile phone and had just decided to take a relaxing shower. Incidentally, she had a mirror placed right in front of the entrance to her walk-in closet and had a good view of the inside from the bathroom. Interestingly, the show even noted that prior to discovering the stranger, Presley heard some weird and creepy noises from inside her closet but decided to ignore them completely.

Nevertheless, Presley was just about to step into the shower when a reflection in the mirror caught her eye, and she noticed a stranger hiding inside her closet. Scared out of her wits, the eleven-year-old began screaming while the man tried his best to silence her. However, the scream proved enough, and the young girl’s parents came running to her aid. Subsequently, in his attempt to escape, the stranger got into a physical altercation with Presley’s father, grabbed some money nearby, and fled the scene. Yet, the police were hot on his trail and took him under custody within no time. Later, reports mentioned that the man was identified as 26-year-old Race Cox, who had two felony warrants to his name.

Naturally, the shocking incident left a scarring mark on Presley Brown’s mind, and for years, she stayed paranoid about finding a stranger hiding in her closet again. Back in 2016, she even claimed that she did not feel secure anymore and said, “Every time I come in my closet or my room or my bathroom, anywhere, I just think about it and like I remember how scary it was.” Nevertheless, since the shocking incident, Presley has embraced privacy and maintains an extremely limited presence on social media. She even prefers to keep her current whereabouts hidden, although it seems like Presley is battling the demons of her past for a brighter tomorrow.

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