What Happened to Beverly Lynn Smith’s Husband? Who Was Linda Smith?

Amazon Prime Video’s four-part docuseries, ‘The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith,’ follows the tragic story of how the 22-year-old mother was shot in the back of her head at her home. The investigation into the case went on for many years, but answers have been hard to come by, leaving her husband, Douglas, disappointed.

The authorities initially made an arrest in 2008 based on the statements from the neighbor, Linda Smith (no relation). The complex investigation led to her ex-husband, Alan Smith, getting arrested before finally being acquitted. So, if you’re curious to find out more about Doug and Linda and where they might be today, we’ve got you covered.

What Happened to Beverly Lynn’s Husband?

Beverly met Douglas through friends, and at the time, she thought that he was honest and good-looking. The two soon began to date and then married in 1971. After that, they settled in Raglan, a small community in Ontario, Canada. By December 1974, Doug and Beverly had a ten-month-old daughter, Rebecca. He worked the line at General Motors in Oshawa, Ontario. Doug, then about 25-years-old, left home at around 7 pm on December 9 to work the night shift.

About an hour and a half later, Doug called home like he usually did, but Beverly didn’t answer. Worried, he checked with his neighbors, Alan and Linda Smith. It was Linda who found Beverly on the kitchen floor, and the authorities eventually arrived. Through investigation, the police learned of Doug’s weed dealing business, which became the focal point for a while. They looked into potential drug connections, but no concrete evidence tied anyone to the murder.

As per the show, a witness from Doug’s work claimed to have seen him jump over the fence around the time Beverly was murdered. It was further speculated that Beverly found out about her husband’s alleged affair. This led to some suspicion about Doug, but he was ultimately ruled out as a suspect. In the years that followed, he raised Rebecca, got re-married, and then divorced.

Douglas has since maintained a low profile, rarely appearing in public. In 2008, after charges were dropped against Alan, Douglas said the family was confused, adding, “After (34) years, I have no comment. I have to see everything first.” It seems that Doug lives in Oshawa, but not much else is known about what he currently does.

Who is Linda Smith?

Linda and Alan Smith lived across the street from Doug and Beverly when the tragic incident occurred in December 1974. While the initial investigation didn’t go anywhere, things changed when the case was picked up in 2007. The following year, they interviewed Linda, who by then had divorced Alan. Back in 1974, she stated that Alan was with her around the time of the murder. But in February 2008, Linda changed her story.

First, Linda stated that Alan leaving home that night for a bit was a possibility. Later, she expressed that her former husband left home for about an hour. Around that time, Linda mentioned hearing what she thought was a car backfiring. In another development, she claimed to have seen Alan putting a rifle in his van. Then, the authorities checked the parking lot of the Humane Society where Alan used to work because Linda believed the gun was buried there; there was no murder weapon.

Despite the inconsistent statements, the authorities charged Alan with murder in 2008. However, the charge was later dropped because there was “no reasonable prospect of conviction.” In July 2008, Linda pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice. Her attorney said she had been dealing with trauma and “mental difficulties.” Over the years, Linda has chosen to keep her life private and hasn’t spoken out about the case. Her last known location remains Oshawa, Ontario.

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