Concepción Olvera And Her Daughters Maintain a Deep Familial Bond Today

If you have ever wondered how supernatural experiences feel or if demon possession is real, then Netflix’s ‘My Encounter With Evil’ is right up your alley. The chilling docu-series revolves around three Mexican women who felt their lives were usurped by the presence of a demonic spirit. As they detail the incidents through interviews, we witness how their loved ones were affected by the terrifying encounter. Besides, the show even considers expert analysis and indicates that the spirit world isn’t much different than the one we live in.

Andrea Viridiana Rostro Olvera and her sister, Esther Aguilera Olvera, appeared on ‘My Encounter With Evil’ to talk about how their mother, Concepción Olvera, was possessed by an evil spirit. While the incident forced their mother to visit a hospital, the show also documents a real-life exorcism, which made fans eager to learn more. Well, if you have ever wondered where Concepción daughters are at present, we have you covered.

What Happened To Concepción Olvera?

Concepción with her daughters

While Concepción is now a proud single mother to Andrea and Esther, conditions weren’t so good back in 1979. Around that time, Andrea and Esther were relatively young, and their mother resided with her husband and their daughters in Mexico City. Concepción had a seemingly happy marriage, yet she and her husband soon ran into issues and decided separation would be the only viable course of action.

The divorce was hard on Concepción and her girls as they were left alone to fend for themselves. Still refusing to give up, she somehow found work to make ends meet and even gave their daughters everything they needed. Later, Andrea and Esther mentioned that they were lucky to have their mother as she never made them miss their father. Concepción claimed the demon attacked her household since her neighbors used an Ouija board from time to time.

The neighbors even had a dog, and though he was locked up for most of the day, Andrea’s mother could swear that she saw the canine moving towards her with glowing red eyes. She even began witnessing unnatural occurrences, including live glowing eyes on dolls as well as strange voices and giggles. Despite Concepción’s family seeking help from the church, her situation worsened with each passing day, and soon she began behaving erratically and aggressively with her loved ones.

The show mentioned that Concepción would also suffer regular fits during which her voice turned hoarse and her eyes shot up into their sockets. Considering the circumstances, her family believed a demon possessed her. Hence, they asked a priest for help and even requested him to perform an exorcism. Although the mother of two was then taken to a priest, who attempted to order the demon out, the situation soon turned severe, as Concepción suffered a mental breakdown and had to be taken to a hospital.

Following the mother’s recovery, her family tried to get rid of the demon once again, who, by now, was identified as Beelzebub. To help Concepción, her loved ones had an exorcist visit the Olvera home and tasked him with banishing the demon from her body. The procedure that followed was extremely taxing, and the show mentioned how at times, the spirit inside the mother of two would fight for its survival. Still, Concepción had pretty strong willpower, and once she made up her mind to walk the path of God, there was nothing the devil could do to make her switch sides.

Where Are Andrea Viridiana Rostro Olvera and Esther Aguilera Olvera Now?

Andrea and Esther mentioned that while they were too young to know about demonic possession back in 1979, they quickly noticed that Concepción’s behavior had changed. Moreover, once the exorcism was a success, she turned to God, and her children’s love and care gradually helped her get back into society. From the looks of it, the sisters and their mother still reside in Mexico City, Mexico, and have maintained a deep familial bond.

Esther Aguilera Olvera

Besides, in 2021, Andrea launched her new book ‘La Fascinación del Mal Oscurece el Bien,’ in which she detailed her experiences dealing with her mother’s possession. Esther prefers privacy when it comes to her daily life and has always lived under the radar. In contrast, Andrea appears to be earning a living as a Legal Advisor to various political parties apart from playing bass for the band Dead Sea Scrolls and brushing up on her writing skills. It was indeed chilling to witness Concepción’s incident, and we hope the family experiences nothing but happiness in the years to come.

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