What Happened to Jamison Bachman? How Did He Die?

The world became aware of Jamison Bachman’s story after Philadelphia resident Alex Miller received a call from a potential renter about the room she had on offer. Little did she know that the call would lead to a terrifying ordeal that would take her through hell for months. Netflix’s ‘Worst Roommate Ever: Roommate Wanted’ chronicles Alex’s experience and portrays how the “serial-squatter” Jamison Bachman was finally arrested in 2017 for his brother’s murder. Let’s delve into the details of this case and find out how Jamison met his end, shall we?

Who Was Jamison Bachman?

Interestingly, Jamison Bachman had a law degree and was quite well versed in the legal field. However, he showed reluctance to pass the bar or take up a job as a lawyer. According to the show, Jamison had an extremely cruel father who would repeatedly abuse him and his mother. His childhood friends recalled how his father’s cruelty affected Jamison’s younger years, and he gradually began changing from a lively, kind-hearted person to someone more sinister. Moreover, the show even mentions how Jamison witnessed the 1976 murder of Ken Gutzeit, which allegedly left a lasting impression on his mind.

Arleen Hairbaedian, a woman who resided in Queens, New York, came across Jamison in a park in 2005 and befriended him. They soon struck up an intimate connection, and it did not take long for the two to date. Arleen knew Jamison to be a teacher at a school and later claimed that their relationship seemed extremely loving, tender, and understanding, as per the show. However, it did not take long for things to sour, and soon, Jamison and Arleen found themselves in several altercations. Moreover, with Jamison renting a room at Arleen’s apartment, he refused to pay her rent or take care of the bills.

As per the Netflix production, even Arleen’s landlord could not do anything as Jamison threatened him with legal trouble if he tried to evict him. Finally, Jamison and Arleen filed restraining orders against each other but to no avail. Jamison refused to leave Arleen’s apartment, forcing the latter to call the police. However, according to the show, once the cops arrived, Jamison made a story about Arleen attacking him with a knife. Ultimately, Arleen had to leave her own place and move away just to be free of Jamison.

Subsequently, in 2012, Jamison rented a room from Sonia Acevedo. While Sonia’s apartment was also in Queens, she was subjected to the same harassment Arleen had to face. Things seemed relatively smooth and peaceful for the first month, but Jamison soon refused to pay rent or vacate his room. Sonia tried to get him evicted, but her efforts were in vain, and it only got her into Jamison’s bad books. The two often fought verbally, and Sonia mentioned that her fear made her barricade her bedroom door with chairs at night.

Finally, in 2017, Jamison noticed Alex Miller’s advertisement for a tenant and decided to apply. He called her under the pseudonym of Jed Creek and mentioned that he was a lawyer looking for accommodation. Alex met him at a local Starbucks before bringing him home, and Jamison wrote her a check for $800 as a deposit on the apartment.

However, Alex, too, was subjected to the same kind of harassment, which started when Jamison refused to settle a utility bill. Tensions soon flared between the two, and soon they resorted to physical altercations. Although Alex even took a restraining order out on Jamison, he refused to give up and kept encroaching on Alex’s property. Finally, seeing no way out, Alex reported him to the police, and the show stated that Jamison was arrested for violating a restraining order.

How Did Jamison Bachman Die?

Although Jamison faced legal problems for his violation, the show mentioned that his older brother, Harry Bachman, bailed him out. However, when the police were dispatched to Harry’s house on November 4, 2017, they found the elder Bachman brother deceased in his basement from blunt force trauma to the head. Moreover, the attacker also seemed to have escaped in Harry’s red Ford Escape.

Nevertheless, the police were quick to jump into action, and a quick investigation pointed fingers towards Jamison Bachman, who was arrested from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Although Jamison was charged for his brother’s murder, the case never went to court. On December 8, 2017, authorities at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility confirmed that Jamison had hanged himself to death in his own cell.

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