What Happened to Maddie’s Body in School Spirits? Where is it?

Created by Nate Trinrud and Megan Trinrud, Paramount+’s teen series ‘School Spirits’ revolves around Maddie Nears, a Split River High student who wakes up as a spirit in the boiler room of her school upon her death. She starts to interact with several other spirits, who inhabit the school after their respective deaths at the establishment. While the spirits she interacts with know about their deaths, Maddie fails to remember anything about how she died. She also learns that her dead body was never discovered, intriguing the viewers concerning the same. If you are wondering what really happened to her body, here are our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Maddie’s Body: A Mystery Unresolved

After waking up as a spirit, Maddie starts to interact with other spirits such as Charly, Wally, Rhonda, Martin, etc. While talking to the group, she discovers that they all remember how they died. She reveals to them that she doesn’t remember what really happened to her. Although the authorities discover blood splatter in the boiler room, her body wasn’t found at the place. The authorities and school officials search the nearby area, only to find nothing. Simon, the only person alive who knows that Maddie is dead other than the killer or killers, wonders what happened to his friend’s dead body as well.

Image Credit: Ed Araquel/Paramount+

Maddie and others wonder whether her body is still at the school building, where she died. However, her body doesn’t necessarily have to be hidden at the establishment. Maddie is stuck at the place only because she died at the school and not because her body is at the place. Charly, Wally, Rhonda, and others’ bodies were seemingly removed from the establishment after their deaths. Since they are locked up at the place just like Maddie, it is evident that her being at the building doesn’t indicate that her body is at the establishment as well.

Since the school is the first place the authorities would search for Maddie, it is unlikely that the killer had hidden her dead body at the establishment. The person must have been wise enough to know that her body would be easily discovered if it was hidden at the place. However, Maddie was killed during a busy school day. Whoever the killer is, the person might have waited for the building to be free to remove the body. If the body was hidden at the school, the killer must have taken advantage of the time to find a place that couldn’t be easily discovered to hide the same.

If not in school, the killer must have disposed of Maddie’s body in the nearby woods. If the individual had transported the body to the woods, he/she/they must have gotten enough time to dispose of the body without anyone noticing the same. After likely doing the same, the killer might have used Maddie’s boots to make prints on the path that leads to the service road to derail the authorities or others who search for her. If that was the case, the killer succeeds in diverting the cops, who consider the prints that lead to the service road an indication of Maddie being alive.

Since the cops believe that Maddie is alive and she had staged her death, they may not be continuing their search for her body in the woods. Considering that Nicole and Xavier are trying other ways to find her, Maddie’s dead body may not get discovered until her spirit finds out what really happened to her. In the upcoming episodes of the series, we may see Maddie and Simon’s efforts to find out Claire’s possible involvement in the former’s death, which may lead them to her dead body as well.

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