School Spirits: All Filming Locations of the Series

Based on a graphic novel by Nate and Megan Trinrud and Maria Nguyen, Paramount+’s ‘School Spirits’ is a teen fantasy drama series created by the former two. It is set in the fictional Split River High School and follows a teen student named Maddie Nears. She finds herself in the afterlife and attempts to uncover the mystery behind her abrupt disappearance from the real world. As time passes and Maddie goes deeper down the rabbit hole to find the truth, she gets used to school in the afterlife.

However, more dark secrets and lies emerge as the teenager starts getting to the bottom of the matter. The dramatic and surreal narrative is complemented by the stellar onscreen performances from a talented cast comprising Peyton List, Kristian Flores, Spencer MacPherson, Kiara Pichardo, and Sarah Yarkin. Moreover, the constant change in the setting between the afterlife and the mortal world against the backdrop of the same high school will likely spark questions about the actual production spots of ‘School Spirits.’ If you have been wondering the same, we have you covered!

School Spirits: Where Was it Filmed?

‘School Spirits’ is filmed in British Columbia, specifically in Vancouver. As per reports, the principal photography for the debut season of the mystery drama series commenced in mid-August 2022 and wrapped up in November of the same year.

Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains, British Columbia is known for its vast and diverse landscape, which includes sandy beaches, lush green forests, rocky coastlines, mountains, lakes, grassy plains, and inland deserts. All these features make it a suitable filming site for different movie and TV projects, including ‘School Spirits.’ Now, without wasting time, let’s navigate through all the specific spots Maddie explores to unravel the truth about her sudden disappearance!

Vancouver, British Columbia

Most of the pivotal sequences for ‘School Spirits’ are lensed in and around Vancouver, the most populous city in British Columbia and a significant city in Western Canada. From what we can gather, the production team seemingly sets up camp across the city and the surrounding areas to shoot different scenes against suitable backdrops. In addition, they reportedly utilize the premises of an old property at Heather and 37th Avenue in Vancouver to record the Split River High School scenes.

Situated in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Vancouver is one of the nation’s most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities and one of the most livable cities in the world. Apart from having a lively and vibrant nightlife, when it comes to bars, nightclubs, or food and dining, the city is home to numerous libraries and museums. Some popular ones are the Vancouver Public Library, the Vancouver Tool Library, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Contemporary Art Gallery, the Vancouver Maritime Museum, the H. R. MacMillan Space Centre, and the Vancouver Museum.

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