What Happened to Mallory Gulley on Street Outlaws?

Image Credit: Mallory Gulley/Instagram

Surprisingly, Mallory Gulley seems to be missing from season 5 of ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis.’ Best known by her nickname “Money Girl,” Mallory Gulley is a regular on the racing show. Time and time again, she has proven her expertise behind the steering wheel of a racing car and has become quite close to fans. Her charming personality and exquisite skill have turned her into one of the most popular faces. Thus, her sudden absence did not sit well with fans, who are anxious to know if the racer will return in all her glory. Let’s find out, shall we?

Who Is Mallory Gulley?

Born to Kenneth Gulley, the owner of Gulley Garage, Mallory grew up surrounded by fast cars and a deep-seated love for racing. Naturally, she followed in her father’s footsteps and soon realized that her home was behind the wheel of a racing car. Yet, in her journey to be a top-level racer, Mallory did not avoid her academic life and instead is a graduate of Arkansas State University. Even today, she has remained close to her loved ones and values her familial bonds above everything else.

Under her father’s wing, Mallory soon grew into an expert racer who posed quite a challenge on the tracks. She even started earning from her racer and got put into the spotlight through her appearance on ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis.’ From there, the only way Mallory traveled was towards further success.

What Happened to Mallory Gulley on Street Outlaws?

When Mallory Gulley did not appear on Season 5 of ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis,’ it left fans in shock. Mallory was one of the most significant figures the show is known for, and her sudden absence without any explanation was quite strange. However, to this date, the network hasn’t clarified why Mallory is missing from season 5. Moreover, even Mallory hasn’t addressed the issue in public or spoken about it on social media, which further shrouds the reason in mystery.

With no reports on Mallory’s present situation, the reason behind her leaving the show is quite unclear. However, her social media pictures show her enjoying life with her family and loved ones which could mean that she took a break from the show to enjoy quality family time. Moreover, with Mallory getting into a relationship seemingly towards the end of 2020, she might have chosen to hit a pause on the show for personal reasons. Unfortunately, due to the lack of information from the network or Mallory’s end, it is also unclear if the young racer will return to the show. However, we can keep our fingers crossed and hope that we will get to witness Mallory’s brilliance behind the steering wheel in the near future.

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