What Happened to Nic’s Cat Mr. Meowgi? How Did He Die in Am I Being Unreasonable?

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Hulu’s ‘Am I Being Unreasonable’ follows Nic, who is stuck in an unhappy marriage and is grieving the loss of the man she loved. She has no close friends, no one to talk about her trauma and grief, and no one to confide in about what is tearing away at her. Things change when she meets Jen, a single mother new to the neighborhood. The women find companionship and solace in each other. Despite the strong bond they develop, they still keep secrets from each other.

Over six episodes, the show works like a mystery, peeling away the layers from Nic and Jen’s stories and showing us who they truly are. One of the mysteries in the show is the disappearance of Nic’s cat, Mr. Meowgi. At first, Nic thinks he has run away, but she becomes concerned when there’s no sign of him for a couple of days. If you want to know what happened to the cat, we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

How Did Mr. Meowgi Die?

As the days pass and Mr. Meowgi is nowhere to be seen, Nic puts up posters for the missing cat. After a while, she gets a call revealing that the cat is in an animal shelter. When she picks him up, he looks a little different. He has lost, but it is understandable, considering that he wouldn’t have been properly fed all the days he was away from home. Nic is glad to find him and expects the same reaction from her son. However, when she shows the cat to Ollie, he doesn’t recognize him. When Nic tells him it’s Mr. Meowgi, he shrugs and moves on.

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This is surprising because Nic knew her son was attached to the cat. She’s in for a shock when she discovers that the cat she brought home is not hers. She finds Mr. Meowgi dead and hidden in Ollie’s room. This explains why Ollie didn’t react to the cat’s discovery. When Nic asks him what happened, he says he found the cat in the washer. He must have crawled inside to sleep, and someone unintentionally closed the door. Nic is relieved to find that Ollie didn’t harm the cat.

It isn’t until much later that Nic discovers the truth about what really happened. The fate of Mr. Meowgi was sealed on Ollie’s eighth birthday. Alex and Suzie had come around for dinner, and Suzie revealed that they were trying for a baby. This was a massive shock for Nic, who thought Alex loved her. When Suzie and Alex sneak away to have sex, an angry Nic stops them, making an excuse about how they are loud and her son can hear them. Alex tries to calm her down, reassuring her that he wants a life with her and that they’ll run away soon.

While Alex and Nic have sex, they don’t realize that Ollie has seen them walking into the closet together. He knows they are having an affair, which is disturbing to him. Another one who witnessed the whole thing was Mr. Meowgi. The cat was inside the closet and was the first to come out of it. When Ollie saw Nic come out, she said she was feeding the cat. She calls the cat “greedy guts.” This stuck with Ollie, and the next time he played with the cat, he called him greedy guts and put him in the washer.

Nic discovers what Ollie did when she finds the video recording in his camera. She worried that her son was just like her, and this hits harder when she hears him call the cat “greedy guts” before putting him in the washer and killing him. This show how Ollie was impacted by the revelation of his mother’s affair. Killing the cat was his way of venting out.

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