What Happened to Norrie in Lockwood and Co? What Does Getting Ghost Locked Mean?

Netflix’s ‘Lockwood and Co’ is set in a world that changed fifty years ago. This is when ghosts mysteriously started to pop up everywhere and became so dangerous that they killed many people and change the world as we know it. Lucy Carlyle was born and grew up in this world with the ability to sense ghosts. She has the power of listening to the ones no more a part of the mortal world. To extort her power, her mother forces her to join an agency where she is trained to become a ghost hunter. It is here that Lucy meets Norrie. Soon, they become best friends and make plans for their future. However, things take a very bad turn for them. If you are wondering what happened to Norrie, then here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Does Ghost Locked Mean?

The ghosts in ‘Lockwood and Co’ are categorized into three types. Type I is the weakest and easiest to get rid of. They don’t really have any powers. Still, they are dangerous enough to kill someone with their mere touch. Type III is the strongest and not of general concern due to its rarity. In fact, they are so rare that no one has ever reported seeing one, except Marissa Fittes. That leaves us with Type II.

Type II ghosts are much stronger, as compared to Type I. Apart from killing someone with their touch, they also have the ability to take anyone in their control. This is called getting ghost locked. When this happens, a person loses control of their senses. They are not able to think or move at all and have no control over their actions. In this state, ghosts can make them do anything. Generally, a person is forced to stand still while the ghost makes its way to kill them. Other times, the ghost can force a person to kill themselves, like jumping out of a window or into a well. The fact that this is a prevalent problem is confirmed when Lucy walks into a hospital wing with many children ghost-locked and no treatment in sight for them.

What Happens to Norrie?

Norrie and Lucy had been working for a man named Jacobs when they were taken to rid an abandoned factory of its ghost. Jacobs says that the reports about the place have been inconclusive but he believes it is nothing more than a Type I ghost. By now, the kids have already tackled a lot of cases and proven their competence, so Jacobs doesn’t bother to make any extra efforts to ensure their safety.

Once Lucy enters the building, she immediately senses a much more sinister presence and warns her friends. She even asks Jacobs to get all of them out of there, but the man doesn’t make any effort to save the children. He believes that Lucy is just making up an excuse, and he forces her to go back in alone and fight whatever’s in there. By the time Lucy finds Norrie again, things have gotten way out of hand. It is clear that there is no Type I ghost here. In fact, it is a group of ghosts who are extremely powerful.

Lucy watches helplessly as all of her friends die. Meanwhile, Norrie is ghost locked and is unable to move. Lucy shuts the door with the rest of her friends inside, trapped with the ghosts. She tries to wake up Norrie, but she is too far gone now. The ghosts had such an incredible hold on Norrie that she never woke up from the ghost lock. She remains in a state of permanent paralysis, having no control over her body. No one knows what’s going on in her mind, but it is clear that she’s not going to wake up from it anytime soon.

By the time the first season ends, there is no development in Norrie’s condition. She is still at her home, in her bed, ghost locked, with Lucy none the wiser about any solution to her friend’s problem. Hopefully, over the course of the story, Lockwood and Co will find an answer to the problem of getting ghost locked, especially considering that they’ve already started scratching the surface of the Problem.

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