What Happens to Joplin? Does She Die in Lockwood & Co?

Netflix’s ‘Lockwood and Co’ takes place in a world where ghosts have infested the world and it looks nothing like the one that we live in. Many people have been killed because of this, and this has made ghost-hunting agencies one of the most essential services. Kids who show a talent for sensing ghosts are trained to kill them. But there are many who don’t possess that power. Joplin is one of those people. However, this lack of connection to the world of ghosts does nothing to stop her from researching them and finding out the things that even the best hunters don’t know. She starts out as a very lovable character, but by the end of the season, she meets a very dark fate. If you are wondering what happens to her, then here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

How Does Joplin Die?

At first glance, Joplin appears to be an unassuming and harmless character. She and George bond over their love for research and how unappreciated they feel about their work. Slowly, their friendship develops and George becomes more lenient about the secrets that he divulges to her. It is in the end that he discovers that she’d been trying to do something very dangerous and was just using him to get what she wanted.

Joplin wasn’t an evil person, but she was corrupted by the Bone Glass. She first gets a glimpse into it when Edmund Bickerstaff’s grave is dug and George mistakenly removes the protection from his source, leading the ghost to come out and almost kill everyone. Both Joplin and George get a brief look in the mirror, but they don’t share this with each other until later. George starts to feel the effects of having looked into the Bone Glass and doesn’t realize that it has had a much worse effect on Joplin.

The mirror takes such control of her brain that she turns from an innocent person to a murderer. The night that she looks at it the first time, she hires two men to steal the Bone Glass, but her plan goes wrong and the relic ends up in the hands of the fearsome criminal Winkman. In trying to keep her secret, Joplin ends up killing Jack Carver, who was one of the thieves, especially after she realizes that Lockwood and Co are after it. She lets them do the heavy lifting while befriending George and getting him to trust her.

After George gets his hands on the Bone Glass, instead of surrendering it to DEPRAC, he takes it to Joplin. Together, they go down the catacombs in the cemetery. Because Joplin had looked into it once, she gets obsessed to see more, which is the effect that the mirror has on everyone who looks into it. Because she knew that looking into the mirror would kill her, she plans to trap George, force him to look into the mirror, and tell her what he sees. She almost succeeds, until Lucy interrupts.

Lucy begs Joplin to let her take George’s place. She claims that she is much more powerful than the boy and will be able to survive looking into the Bone Glass, while George will surely die seconds into it. Even when Lucy uses the Skull in her stead, Joplin doesn’t mind. She is singularly focused on finding out what’s really on the other side. She is distracted by this and George interrupts by pushing Lucy away from the mirror. In this process, the Bone Glass falls down and is shattered. Joplin worries that she will never find out what the mirror shows, but to her surprise, there is still power left in it. It shows her everything that she wanted, and at the same time consumes her.

Joplin’s entire body burns and in a blast, all of her explodes and nothing remains. The souls of the seven people whose bones were used in the making of the Bone Glass are released, which confirms the fact that the mirror serves as a trap. It is possible then that even though Joplin’s body is destroyed and she has technically died, her soul is now trapped inside the very thing that she’d become so obsessed with. Even in that case, it is revealed in the end that the broken pieces of the Bone Glass were taken by DEPRAC and they threw it in the furnace, completely destroying it. This means that Joplin – body and soul- is gone for good.

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