What Happens to Oliver’s Dog Flossie in Lady Chatterley’s Lover?

Image Credit: Seamus Ryan/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ is a period drama that focuses on the forbidden love of Lady Constance Chatterley and Oliver Mellors. While she is an upper-class woman, he is just a gamekeeper for her husband’s estate. In an affair, that is extramarital for both of them, Connie and Oliver have to tread the line where they are judged for stepping out of their acceptable social circles to find love. As much as their romance keeps us hooked, there is another endearing character that takes us by surprise: Flossie. She is Oliver’s dog and his only companion before he meets Connie. If you are wondering what happened to Flossie at the end of the movie, then we’ve got you covered.

What Happens to Oliver’s Dog Flossie?

Oliver Mellors had been a reclusive man. He lived alone on the grounds of Wragby, often secluding himself to the hut or sometimes in the woodshed that barely anyone knew about. Whenever he was seen outside, he’d be walking his dog, Flossie. Oliver has no problem staying away from people and is content to have the company of his dog, something that he confesses to Connie. However, once he and Lady Chatterley indulge in an affair, we see less and less of Flossie.

The last we hear from the dog is when Ned shows up at Oliver’s door. This is when Connie is still at his place and no one knows about their affair. Flossie barks as Ned starts knocking at the door. After this, just as Connie leaves for Venice, Ned sparks the rumors about Oliver and Connie’s affair, which eventually leads to Oliver getting sacked and moving out of the Wragby estate. He and Connie have a brief chat before he leaves and they don’t meet again until the end of the film. She tracks him down to Scotland, where he has been living a solitary life, trying to build a home where he can live with her and their child. However, there is no sign of Flossie (played by Diva).

Considering that everything happens so fast for Connie and Oliver, it makes sense that the attention shifted completely from the dog. However, considering how much Flossie meant to Oliver, it is unlikely that he left her behind. Seeing him leave, Flossie must have followed Oliver. There was a time when she was his only friend, and now, with Connie and his life at Wragby gone, he is back to square one when it comes to friends. So, it seems unlikely that he would leave his trusted companion behind.

It is possible that Oliver took her with him to Scotland. The empty fields as far as the eye can see seem perfect for Flossie to frolic in. Oliver would have needed company to keep his sanity intact while going through such a tough time in his life. He had filled his days before with Flossie, taking her on long walks and playing with her. The presence of his old friend must have made things a bit easier for him and given him the strength to go on. When Connie finally arrives at Oliver’s doorstep, both he and Flossie are nowhere to be seen. While Olive shows up in the end, we don’t see Flossie anywhere. However, this doesn’t mean that she isn’t in close vicinity. She is possibly sleeping in a cozy corner somewhere.

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