What is Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere’s Net Worth?

A part of Netflix’s ‘Selling Tampa’ cast, Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, is a go-getter who is ready to travel the extra mile for success. She stands out as someone who prefers to work alone and is quite efficient at selling multi-million dollar houses to top clients in the area. With the show portraying the agents’ luxurious lifestyles and habits, fans are now curious to know what Anne’s net worth might be. Well, fret not cause we come bearing answers.

How Did Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere Earn Her Money?

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere has immense experience working as a real estate agent and a property accountant. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in accounting from the University of South Florida and has a background in marketing and branding skills which adds to her value. Over the years, Anne has held various positions, including a Rating Analyst at Health Plan Services and a VMS Account Receivables Coordinator at Kforce Incorporated.

In 2016, she entered the world of property accounting when she took up a job as an Accounting Specialist at Greystar. Within months, she was promoted to the position of a Property Accountant and, in 2018, left the organization to take up the Property Accountant post at Carter Validus. Wanting to get into real estate for a long time, Anne got her first taste as a licensed realtor when she began working for Exit in 2018. Since then, she has worked for a couple of other agencies before joining the ranks of Allure Realty in December 2019.

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere’s immense experience and dedication paved the way for her rise to the top, and soon Anne became one of the top agents in the agency. She has excellent interaction skills, knows what her client wants, and is an expert at negotiations, making her an asset to Sharelle’s team. Moreover, ‘Selling Tampa; is her entry into the television industry, and she has been compensated handsomely for the same.

What Is Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere’s Net Worth?

Although real estate agents in Tampa, Florida, earn around $95,000 per year, their income is bolstered by the massive commissions they receive, giving them an annual salary of about $200,000. Thus, we can estimate that Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere has an approximate total net worth of $1 million through her hard work and dedication. However, with Anne now in the reality TV spotlight, that figure is sure to rise soon.

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