What is Juawana Colbert’s Net Worth?

‘Selling Tampa’ takes us through the personal and professional lives of several high-profile real estate agents working in the Tampa-based Allure Realty Agency. While Sharelle Rosado owns and operates the agency, Juawana Colbert seems to be her right-hand woman and is wittingly nicknamed “the HR” by a few employees. Juawana’s position in the agency and success in selling multi-million dollar homes got fans wondering what her net worth might be. Let’s take a look, shall we?

How Did Juawana Colbert Earn Her Money?

Juawana has had a long and illustrious career in finance and economy before ‘Selling Tampa’ propelled her into the spotlight. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Northwood University and has also done a certificate course on Finance, Marketing, Real Estate, and Business Retention from the University of Oklahoma’s Economic Development Institute. In 2006, she put her talents to use and landed a job at Charlotte Regional Partnership as a Project Manager. After over six years, in 2012, she joined the Greater Houston Partnership as the Regional Economic Development Manager.

Since then, Juawana has never looked back as she went on to become a Director at the Fayetteville Cumberland Economic Development Corporation in 2014 and subsequently grabbed the prestigious position of a Business Development Manager at the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation in 2017. With Juawana having grown up in Los Angeles, she would often accompany her grandfather on inspections as he owned many apartment units around the city. These visits ignited a passion for real estate in her young mind.

Even after so many years, Juawana is still enamored with the industry. Thus, while working as a Vice President in Pasco Economic Development Council, Juawana applied for and joined Sharelle’s Allure Realty Agency in 2019. However, even while working at the real estate agency, Juawana has held two external positions, namely the Associate Director of Corporate Engagement at Year-Up and an Outreach & Marketing Specialist at U.S. Small Business Administration.


At present, Juawana puts her heart and soul into Allure Realty and has become one of the top-performing agents. She has also earned her position as Sharelle’s right-hand woman as the latter trusts her and takes her advice on most matters. On the show, Juawana talked about how she was in a five-year marriage with her then-husband, Bryan Williams. However, according to court records, the couple filed for divorce in January 2021. While it is unclear if her marital problems affected her net worth, Juawana has benefitted significantly from the compensation for being a part of ‘Selling Tampa.’

What Is Juawana Colbert’s Net Worth?

Most real estate agents earn a fixed salary along with a handsome commission for every sale they make. The average yearly salary for a real estate agent in Tampa, Florida, is around $95,000. That coupled with the commission from selling multi-million dollar homes would lead to a total annual income of about $200,000. Thus, considering all of Juawana’s possible earning avenues, we can estimate that she has an approximate net worth of around $1 million. Moreover, with her reality TV career now on the rise, we expect that value to increase in the coming years.

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