What is Sharelle Rosado’s Net Worth?

‘Selling Tampa’ offers an authentic sneak peek into the lives of several high-profile real estate agents at the Allure Realty Agency in Tampa, Florida. With these agents selling multi-million dollar houses to top-rung clients, fans are pretty curious about their luxurious lifestyle. However, the owner of Allure Realty Agency, Sharelle Rosado, warrants a lot of interest. Hence, we decided to jump in and take a look at her net worth.

How Did Sharelle Rosado Earn Her Money?

Sharelle is a relatively new face on the Reality TV block. Not much is known about her early life, although she is a US Army veteran and entered the armed forces as an Executive Administrative Assistant in May 2007. While in the army, Sharelle attended the University of Maryland Global Campus to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Human Resources Management and Services. In 2013, Sharelle left her post as an Executive Administrative Assistant and was in charge of Human Resources in the United States Army. By 2015, she had obtained her Bachelor’s degree.

In April 2017, Sharelle decided to leave the United States Army for a short stint with Re/MAX Bayside as a licensed realtor. Sharelle mentioned how her time in the army encouraged her to explore and try new things in the real estate market. Thus, with an intent to start her company and put her name on the map, Sharelle established the Tampa-based Allure Realty Agency in 2019. Since then, the agency has risen to be a market leader and now exclusively deals in multi-million dollar properties. The abundance of top-rung clients in Tampa has also helped Sharelle grow her company, and subsequently, her net worth.

Reports mention that Sharelle has been married previously and is the mother of three children, with another baby on the way. However, it is unclear if her previous relationship or the subsequent divorce affected her total net worth. At present, Sharelle has nine employees working throughout the Tampa region, dealing exclusively with top clients and taking her agency to new heights. She has also been compensated generously for appearing on the Netflix show ‘Selling Tampa.’ Moreover, considering her background in the army, she is specialized in Military Relocation and offers her services for the same.

What Is Sharelle Rosado’s Net Worth?

With Sharelle Rosado now running a successful business and starring in a reality show, it is no surprise that she has managed to gather a massive net worth of approximately $8 million. Moreover, the beginning of her TV career and her engagement to Chad Ochocinco Johnson will surely make that value rise in the future.

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