What is Big Freedia’s Net Worth?

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Freddie Ross Jr., popularly known by her stage name Big Freedia, is a rapper. Born on January 28, 1978, she was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Even as a child, Big Freedia displayed a keen interest in music and even sang in a choir when she was young. Thanks to the support that she got from her mother, Big Freedia learned piano and was introduced to artists like Patti LaBelle. She later went on to get inspiration from several big names in the music industry, like the disco singer Sylvester James Jr., the King of Pop Michael Jackson, and the hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa.

The rapper later enrolled at the Walter L. Cohen High School, and it was her experience at the school that later gave her the confidence to become the “Queen Diva” that she is today. Initially struggling with stage fright, Big Freedia pushed herself until she became comfortable. Since then, Big Freedia has successfully popularized bounce music, which was underground for more than a decade after its development, and has established herself as a successful rapper and reality star in the process. Thanks to her illustrious career, Big Freedia has amassed a considerable fortune, but before we discuss her net worth, let’s look at her career so far.

How Did Big Freedia Make Her Money?

After enrolling at Walter L. Cohen High School, Big Freedia performed in choir and later served as the choir director, which gave her the necessary self-belief to produce and write. The iconic rapper started her professional career in 1999 when she released her first single, “An Ha, Oh Yeah.” but it wasn’t until 2003 that she released ‘Queen Diva,’ her first studio album. Freedia then performed regularly in different nightclubs as well as other locations and successfully established herself as a public figure in New Orleans.

In 2009, Freedia finally had the first taste of national acclaim thanks to her closing gig in ‘Bingo Parlour Tent’ and ‘Voodoo Experience.’ The following year, she was asked to appear as a guest in the album ‘Ya-ka-may’ by the jam band Galactic which she ended up joining for a short while. She collaborated with DJ Rusty Lazer, the indie electronic duo Matt and Kim, and made her television debut with her appearance on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly.’ In the same year, she was published in the Village Voice and The New York Times.

2012 proved to be even more successful for the rapper as she went on to win MTV O Award for Too Much Ass for TV’ after being nominated for Best of the Beat Awards (for Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist and Best Emerging Artist) and 22nd GLAAD Media Awards (Big Freedia Hitz Vol. 1) in 2011. In the same year, she made an appearance on the drama series ‘Treme,’ but her next big break in the television industry came with the reality show ‘Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce,’ which first aired on the music channel Fuse in 2013. Interestingly, the series has now been around for six seasons and continues to entertain fans.

Big Freedia also features in Beyonce’s 2016 single ‘Formation,’ and her voice was even used for Beyoncé’s world tour. In the following years, she lent her voice for the introduction of Drake’s ‘Nice for What,’ and she went on to sign a record deal with Asylum Records. She also features in Keisha’s single “Raising Hell.” In 2020, the star released a documentary, ‘Freedia Got a Gun,’ which explores the issue of gun violence, and the very next year, she came back with the remix of Rebecca Black’s song “Friday.”

Over the years, Freedia has also featured in several television shows, including ‘The Eric Andre Show,’ ‘The Untitled Action Bronson Show,’ ‘Ridiculousness,’ ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ and ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.’ Her long career in the entertainment industry has helped her earn a huge fortune, so without any more speculation, let’s have a look at Big Freedia’s net worth.

Big Freedia’s Net Worth

Big Freedia has an estimated net worth of around $4 million. As she is currently active in the entertainment industry, it won’t be wrong to presume, considering her present career trajectory, that her net worth is likely to inflate in the coming years.

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