What is Buying Beverly Hills’ Allie Rosenberger’s Net Worth?

Real estate professionals like Allie Lutz Rosenberger have found their fair share of fame thanks to the high-profile nature of their industry. While it is not easy to become a well-known figure in the field, she has done so through hard work and determination that has allowed her to become one of the top agents in her region. Allie’s appearance in Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills‘ has made the realtor even more popular to the public.

How Did Allie Lutz Rosenberger Earn Her Money?

Allie Lutz Rosenberger is the daughter of Robert “Bob” Lutz, a renowned doubles tennis player who has won the US Open four times. His accomplishments helped her realize the importance of hard work, determination, and competitive spirit from a young age. Allie also traveled far and wide due to the nature of her father’s job, which allowed her to develop many crucial connections. Moreover, it honed her communication skills and ability to work with clients of different backgrounds.

After graduating from a reputed school in Orange County, California, Allie enrolled at the University of Southern California in 2003. She graduated in 2007 with honors thanks to her determination and gained a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies. In August 2013, Allie joined Gussman Czako and worked in Luxury Sales for around two years. Later, in July 2015, the California native became a part of The Agency as the Director of Estates.

Allie even took up the role of Managing Partner of The Agency for South Bay in August 2015. Currently, she works as a Senior Agent in the organization and has a well-established network within the Los Angeles area. One of the biggest reasons behind Allie’s success is her intimate knowledge of the City of Angels, as she has lived there for a long time. Her decade-long stay in the Bird Streets neighborhood of Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California, further helped her become familiar with the local and luxurious properties.

The realtor takes pride in satisfying her customers and ensuring their privacy as much as possible. She is also quite passionate about philanthropic projects and often travels to provide necessities like education and drinking water to several villages. Apart from her generous donations, Allie is on the Adopt Together family board and part of The Women At The Agency. Besides, she has worked with organizations like World Vision, Nkhoma CCAP Hospital (in Africa), and a deaf orphanage in Mexico.

What is Allie Lutz Rosenberger’s Net Worth?

Thanks to Allie’s work in the real estate industry for so many years, she has garnered an impressive amount of wealth. To get an estimate of the same, we must consider the average value of the properties, how many transactions she has made in a year, and her additional earnings as a Managing Partner and Director of Estates. On average, Allie’s properties are worth around $7 million, and she sells approximately twelve properties annually. For each house sold, the involved realtors get a commission worth 5% of the selling price.

The commission is first equally split between the buying and the selling teams, followed by the agents at The Agency giving 20% of the commission to their company and retaining the rest. In essence, for each deal, Allie would earn about 2% of the selling price. Additionally, a Managing Director at a company like The Agency is likely to earn about $250,000 every year, while a Director of Estates makes about $200,000. Combining all these factors, we estimate Allie Lutz Rosenberger’s net worth is around $7.5 million.

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