What is Dave Hester’s Net Worth?

Dave Hester is a reality television star, an auction hunter, and a businessman who rose to prominence after his recurring appearances on A&E Network’s popular series ‘Storage Wars.’ Although little is known about his childhood, Dave has reportedly been attending auctions since he was 14 years old. His early introduction to the nitty-gritty of auctioning later helped him establish an impressive career, enabling him to leave his mark in the business world and the television industry. His experience spans several decades, and his long career has helped him earn a considerable fortune. In case you are wondering how much he is worth, look no further. But before we tell you his net worth, let’s have an overview of his career so far.

How Did Dave Hester Make His Money?

Dave got into auctioning from a very young age, and, being the son of a model train collector, he later went on to auction his father’s prized collection. It took him more than five years to sell the entire train collection for an impressive profit. Despite his early auctioning experience, it wasn’t until the 1990s that Dave became a licensed auctioneer. Before that, he spent a few years as a bid-catcher and gained experience learning the crux of the trade. Considering his no-nonsense attitude towards life coupled with determination, it isn’t surprising that Hester later became the owner of Rags to Riches Thrift Store and the Newport Consignment Gallery. It took him several years to get there, but Dave probably had never planned for what followed.

In 2010, Dave appeared on A&E Networks’ reality competition series ‘Storage Wars,’ and his life took a surprising turn. He soon differentiated himself from the rest of his peers because of his misogynistic behavior and terrible attitude. The auction hunter became notorious for his ill-mannered behavior on the show. After making numerous appearances, Dave suddenly disappeared from season 3. It was pretty puzzling since he had been a core cast member for three seasons by then. It was later revealed that he had reportedly made several allegations against A&E, which led to his untimely termination from the show.

Dave took the matters to court and ended up losing the case. He was supposedly told to pay A&E’s legal fees, but both parties later agreed to an undisclosed out-of-the-court settlement. It appears that the legal battle apparently had little effect on their relationship, as Dave soon began reappearing on ‘Storage Wars,’ and he went on to appear for five more seasons before quitting for good. After the show, Dave started his own auctioneering business, where he employs his decades of experience to good use. His career so far in the world of reality television and auctioneering has helped him earn a lot of money. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at his net worth.

Dave Hester’s Net Worth

Dave Hester has an estimated net worth of around $4 million. His business appears to be doing good, and even though he is unlikely to make a return in the television world, we can presume his net worth will increase in the coming years.

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