What is Fito Páez’s Net Worth?

Image Credit: Fito Paez/Instagram

As one of the most iconic music stars of Argentina, Rodolfo Páez Ávalos, AKA Fito Páez, is in need of no introduction. His music has touched many hearts and never fails to invoke a multitude of emotions in the hearts of the listeners. The recent coverage of the first three decades of his life in Netflix’s ‘El Amor Después Del Amor,’ AKA ‘Love After Music,’ has made many people across the world quite curious about the musician’s professional life and just how rich he is at present.

How Did Fito Páez Earn His Money?

As the son of an accomplished concert pianist, Fito’s interest in music began at a very early age. During his younger years, he learned how to play piano but left his classical education behind after his educator stopped giving him lessons since he could not sheet music due to myopia. As a teenager, he became involved in the underground music movement and was quite a fan of rock music, even though the regime at the time considered the genre to be rebellious.

In the early 80s, Fito was part of the Trova Rosarina movement that was taking place in his home city of Rosario, Argentina. 1981 saw him banding together with Juan Carlos Baglietto, and he would work as a keyboard player and arranger for the musician. In fact, he helped Juan compose many of his songs in the “Tiempos Difíciles” album. Fito’s performance on the keyboard paved his path to becoming a part of Charly García’s band in 1983.

Fito’s solo career began in 1984 after he signed a five-year contract with EMI record company, leading to the release of the musician’s first album, “Del 63.” The next few years of Fito’s life were nothing short of turbulent, given the passing of his father and the murders of his grandmother and great-aunt. His song, “Parte del Aire,” is, in fact, inspired by the former event. On the other hand, “City of Poor Hearts,” one of Fito’s most recognized songs, was created after the killer of his grandmother and great-aunt was discovered.

Some of Fito’s most recognized songs include “Y dale alegría a mi corazón” (“Give Joy to My Heart”) and “El Amor Después Del Amor” (“Love After Love”), the latter of which shares its name with the biographical Netflix series. Known as “El Trovador Del Rock Argentino” (“The Argentine Rock Troubadour”), the artist has released 27 albums as of writing, along with 4 live albums. Over the years, Fito has won 11 different Latin Grammy Awards and even bagged the 2021 Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock, Urban, or Alternative Album.

Additionally, Fito has written three different books titled ‘La Puta Diabla,’ ‘Diario de Viaje,’ and ‘Los Días de Kirchner,’ each released in 2013, 2015, and 2018 respectively. He has also served as a Director and Screenwriter for the 2001 movie “Vidas Privadas” and the 2007 film “De Quién es el Portaligas.” Apart from these, Fito has been a part of several other movies and music videos in various capacities.

Fito Páez’s Net Worth

Given just how much success Fito Páez has gained over the years, it is easy to grasp that the artist has gained much wealth over the years. The fact that he is still quite active as a musician, having released his latest album in May 2022, Fito’s wealth only continues to increase. As of writing, he has more than 3.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify and has continued to top the charts with his music. Through Spotify itself, the artist would make about $140,000 per year.

Presently affiliated with DG Experience, Fito likely earns significantly more than an average musician in Argentina, which apparently make an annual amount of $15,000. As a well-recognized artist, he often gets the chance to partner with various brands, and his book earnings likely add much to his wealth. Considering all of these factors, we estimate Fito Páez’s net worth to be about $10 million.

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