What is in the Briefcase in Ray Donovan: The Movie? Who Does it Belong To? Where is it in the End?

‘Ray Donovan: The Movie’ opens with a mysterious briefcase doing the rounds. Seen in the possession of the titular fixer’s father, Mickey, the leatherbound case is tracked for most of the film by various members of the Donovan family, including Ray’s daughter Bridget.

There is obviously something exceedingly important in the case, and Mickey’s involvement in the matter means (as it usually does) that there is something fishy about it. So what’s really in the briefcase, and who does it belong to in the first place? If these are the kinds of questions that have lingered with you since watching the movie, allow us to clear things up. Let’s take a look at the mysterious briefcase from ‘Ray Donovan: The Movie.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

What is in the Briefcase? Who Does it Belong To?

For the most part, the contents of the briefcase are described as “documents.” However, in one of the film’s early scenes, it becomes obvious that these documents are extremely valuable and that Mickey is trying to sell them off at a huge profit. We also see Ray plant a tracking chip into the briefcase so he can follow it (and Mickey). Bridget later uses this tracker to find her grandfather and father in the film’s explosive finale.

For more details about how Mickey came into possession of the case in question and who it belongs to, we must delve into ‘Ray Donovan’ season 7. The documents inside the briefcase are valuable stocks that belong to Jim Sullivan, Ray’s long-time former boss. When Ray finds out that Jim regularly molested his sister when they were young, the fixer steals the documents and asks Jim to collect them. When Jim arrives, Ray kills him as revenge for his sister, and the documents end up with Mickey. Though not confirmed, it is hinted that the value of the documents in the briefcase is twenty million dollars.

Where is the Briefcase in the End?

After the disastrous attempted handoff in which Ray follows Mickey and kills off the latter’s contacts, the father begins to panic. He calls the Sullivans, offering to sell the documents back for twenty-five percent of the original asking price. Again, we don’t see the deal go down, but it seems like Mickey has a change of heart and merely gives the case back to Molly Sullivan.

When Ray later arrives at the Sullivan resident, Molly emotionally tells him to take the briefcase since the money is all he cares about. The titular hero refuses, and when Molly asks about her father’s whereabouts, he wordlessly turns to leave. However, just before Ray can get into his car, Molly shoots him in the abdomen.

In the end, the briefcase returns to its rightful owner or, to be precise, to the daughter of the rightful owner. Mickey is crestfallen when he learns that Ray left the briefcase with the Sullivans and tells his son that the money should be his (Ray’s). However, the brooding hero seemingly wants nothing to do with the money. The fact that Mickey also gives up on the briefcase shows that the elderly Donovan also realizes that the valuable documents are more trouble than they’re worth and have indirectly caused the deaths of multiple people since they were stolen.

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