What is Jeff Berwick’s Net Worth?

Born on November 24, 1970, in the wondrously vibrant city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, Jeffrey “Jeff” David Berwick is a self-proclaimed, unashamed, affluent anarchist through and through. As carefully explored in HBO’s ‘The Anarchists,’ though, the term in itself does not mean chaos but rather someone who believes in complete personal freedom through anti-governmental means. So for now, if you just wish to learn more about this founder of the Anarchapulco freedom voluntaryist festival — his earnings as well as overall net worth, in particular — we’ve got the details for you.

How Did Jeff Berwick Earn His Money?

It was reportedly back in the late 1980s that Jeff Berwick kickstarted his career first and foremost as a rapper, employing his passion in his original music to ensure it reached across the nation. He even almost served as an opening act for the famed MC Hammer on one occasion, but when the latter’s concert got canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, so did his time in the industry. The then youngster’s group Jeff Steel Crew thus decided to part ways for good, shortly after which (around 1994) he established the financial news website StockHouse as an entrepreneurial endeavor.

In Jeff’s own words in the docuseries, not only did StockHouse become one of the leading financial portals in the world within a few years, but it was also valued at over $240 million at one point. Unfortunately, that’s when the market crashed, the business fell to the 0-figure mark, and the CEO chose to rid himself of the “nightmare” by selling it for a relative profit (in 2002). His mindset at the time was, “I can’t do this anymore; I’m not the kind of guy who should run a company. I’m an entrepreneur, I have ideas, but running a company, that is a whole different type of person.”

Jeff spent the ensuing five years traveling and pouring over different texts, all pulling him towards the belief that one must reject the state as well as the central banks to be free. He hence settled down in Mexico, launched The Dollar Vigilante anarcho-capitalist blog in 2009, began hosting the ‘Anarchast’ podcast in 2012, and even tried to form free trade regions. His work as a libertarian (or a “freedom fighter”) then drove him to create Anarchapulco in 2015, the first freedom conference of its kind, especially as it ties in with his work as a cryptocurrency investor/enthusiast as well.

Jeff Berwick’s Net Worth

Since Mexico-based Canadian-Dominican Jeff Berwick is a long-time public speaker, anarchy activist, entrepreneur, and investor, his estimated net worth to be at least $100 million. That’s largely because the author of ‘The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire’ had started dabbling in Bitcoins as well as offshore banking when most of the world hadn’t even heard of the term cryptocurrency — right around 2009-2010. This means that the extreme price surge in the past decade or so has resulted in his value shooting up as well. Plus, although there’ve been a lot of fluctuations and the market is currently crashing, Jeff should be on a relatively safer side as an early investor.

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