What Is Kane Lim’s Net Worth?

Kane Lim, from Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire,’ is a Singaporean socialite, philanthropist, and self-made millionaire. If you’ve watched him on the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’-inspired reality series, you already know that Kane takes his friendships seriously. He is a religious and spiritual person who actively follows Buddhism. Kane is not just a practicing Buddhist himself but is also teaching his friend Kevin Kreider about the religion. While he’s friendly with everyone on the show, Kane is especially close with Cherie, Kelly, and Kevin. He’s always there for his friends, supportive, encouraging, and dependable in their time of need.

Kane studied fashion in college and has a keenly opulent sense of style. He dresses extremely well and loves luxurious clothing and shoes, often ripping playfully on Kevin for his less than ideal style. While most people would think that, being rich and super into fashion, Kane would be superficial, it is not so in reality. He believes in giving back to society and is affiliated with multiple charities, and supports a lot of good causes. Curious to know more about Kane Lim’s wealth and how he accumulated it? Here’s everything you need to know.

How Did Kane Lim Make His Money?

Kane Lim was not content with being just another rich kid, so he got his parents to invest in his luxury fashion business venture at the age of 17. His business did so well that he was able to pay back the loan from his parents in a couple of months. Kane earned his first million before he turned 20. The Los Angeles based fashionista is rumored to own more than 200 pairs of designer shoes, and his collection of high-end kicks is reportedly valued at more than $365,000.

Now, at the age of 30, Kane is a real estate developer and investor. He is always on the lookout for good investment options in the west. He comes from a family of real estate and shipping tycoons who own several malls and commercial buildings in Singapore and Thailand. For now, he is focusing on dealing with residential real estate but hopes to expand to include commercial real estate in the near future. More recently, Kane has also taken up modeling. Ever since Rihanna started following him on Instagram, Kane’s popularity and social media presence sky-rocketed, solidifying his status as an influencer.

Kane Lim Net Worth

Kane Lim’s net worth, as of 2021, is estimated to be around $20 million.

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