What is Lawrence Stroll’s Net Worth?

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Born on July 11, 1959, Lawrence Stroll is a Canadian businessman who grew up in Montreal. His father, Leo Strulovitch, was in the clothing business, which helped Lawrence in his early career as he followed his father’s footsteps. Initially, he grew his business in Canada by bringing Pierre Cardin and Ralph Lauren’s clothing lines to the country, but it was just the beginning of a long and successful career that helped him become one of the richest men in the world.

Lawrence Stroll is married to Claire-Anne Stroll, and the couple has two children, Lance and Chloe Stroll. Claire-Anne Stroll is a sports enthusiast and a businesswoman, while Lance Stroll is a Formula One racing driver. Since the start of his career, Lawrence Stroll has had the knack for knowing the right investments, and his businessman acumen has helped him create a huge empire. Lawrence has earned billions of dollars in the process, but before we get to his net worth, let’s have a look at his career so far.

How Did Lawrence Stroll Make His Money?

Lawrence Stroll started his career in the fashion industry by learning all he needed to know about the industry from his father. After he had established his business by introducing Ralph Lauren and Pierre Cardin’s lines of clothing in Canada, he proceeded to do the same in European countries. Lawrence’s long-time friend and business partner, Silas Chou, once said that he had the Midas touch as a businessman. Together, they established Sportswear Holdings and invested in clothing businesses that went on to become a global phenomenon.

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One of the key investments of the duo included Tommy Hilfiger, which they completely transformed in the two decades after the early 1990s. Apart from their investments in well-known fashion houses like Pepe Jeans and Karl Lagerfeld, they also acquired several brands like Michael Kors ($100 million), Jimmy Choo ($1 billion), and Versace ($2.2 billion).

Lawrence has always been a massive fan of cars, and his fascination eventually inspired him to lead a consortium of investors that bought the Formula One racing team, Force India, which was later rebranded as Aston Martin. Interestingly, Lawrence Stroll owns the race circuit named Circuit Mont-Tremblant in Quebec.

The billionaire businessman has also appeared on Netflix’s ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive,’ as he is the owner of the Aston Martin F1 Team. He is also the Executive Chairman and one of the majority shareholders of Aston Martin. Lawrence’s long career as an investor and businessman has helped him earn a vast sum of money, so without any more speculations, let’s have a look at his net worth.

Lawrence Stroll’s Net Worth

Lawrence Stroll’s net worth is estimated to be around $3.2 billion. Since he is a petrolhead, it is not surprising that he has an extensive car collection that includes several expensive vintage cars. Some impressive cars in his collection include the latest LaFerrari, the Ferrari 250 GTO, the Ford GT, and a rare 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB. The businessman also owns Faith, an extravagant luxury superyacht.

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