What is Leah McSweeney’s Net Worth?

A bad girl turned boss, Leah McSweeney is a fashion designer, and the proud founder and CEO of Married to the Mob- a clothing brand launched by her in 2004- that is inspired by girl power, an independent attitude, and female empowerment.

Suffering from Bipolar II Disorder herself, Leah McSweeney is also an advocate for mental health awareness and believes that talking about issues that affect so many people worldwide is vital to break the stigma that surrounds it. On her podcast ‘Improper Etiquette’ that she co-hosts with Laura Stylez, McSweeney talks about not only lifestyle and current issues but also her experience with the disorder and how she lives with it.

Being the newest edition of the popular television series ‘Real Housewives of New York City,’ McSweeney is now both an entrepreneur and a public figure. With her clothing brand and podcast combined with her new job as a member of the Real Housewives, you must be wondering what her net worth is, well we’ve got the answer for you.


Leah McSweeney Income

With a clothing brand that took the initial investment of just $75.000 and follows women’s athleisure and street style trends, McSweeney is giving women an outlet to freely and unapologetically express themselves through their appearances. With collaborations with brands like KAWS, MCM, Nike, Reebok, Alife, and Colette, Married to the Mob has made a massive name for itself. So much so, that celebrities like Fergie and Lady Gaga have also been seen wearing clothes from McSweeney’s brand. This brand is how McSweeney makes most of her money.

Along with this, she earns money by contributing to Mass Appeal, to Penthouse magazine as a regular advice columnist, and to Hypebeast – an online publication – where she writes about her life as a mother, a founder of a clothing line and style. Her podcast Improper Etiquette,’ which has more than a hundred episodes, is also an outlet for her to earn money.


McSweeney’s brand new role in season 12 of ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ where she will be filmed while trying to manage her home life, her friendships, and her career has been the something that has given her such value that her net worth doubled in just a few months.

Leah McSweeney Expenses

An entrepreneur and single mother to 12-year-old Kier Marie, Leah McSweeney’s primary expenses surround in taking care of her daughter and her business. These expenses include but are not limited to, tuition, lifestyle expenses, salaries, production and manufacturing costs, and maintenance costs.


Leah McSweeney Net Worth 2020

Leah McSweeney had a net worth of a little more than $1 million in 2019, but now with her being a cast member of ‘Real Housewives of New York City,’ McSweeney’s net worth is currently close to $2.4 million. Even though her net worth has doubled since the announcement of her joining the cast, chances are, if all goes well, Leah McSweeney’s net worth towards the end of 2020 could even be around $5 million.

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