What Is Mimi and Don Morris’ Net Worth?

Image Credit: Mimi Morris/Instagram

As the name suggests, Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire‘ offers us a glance into the extraordinary lives of the rich and famous, interspersed with drama and romance. Focusing on several affluent Asians and Asian Americans in the Los Angeles area, the show takes the viewer through their luxurious lifestyle as they host glamorous parties and splurge on shopping while navigating through the top-rungs of society. Apart from the wealth on display, it is quite enthralling to witness how even the rich have to maintain a balance in their commitments for a successful and happy life.

Season 2 of ‘Bling Empire’ introduces Mimi Morris and her husband, Donald “Don” Morris, who are considered one of the wealthiest couples in Los Angeles. The first glance into their lives came through an extravagant party that oozed luxury in every form. Naturally, fans are quite interested in learning what Mimi and Don’s current net worth might be. Well, we come bearing answers!

How Did Mimi and Don Morris Make Their Money?

Mimi’s husband, Don Morris, earned an MBA in Finance from the University of Southern California in 1969 before kickstarting his professional life with Elmco, the company that founded Morris Group International. However, he soon moved to oversee the manufacturing part of the business and joined the Acorn Engineering Company in a leadership role. With tremendous talent and tenacity, it did not take long for Don to climb the hierarchical ladder, and in 1985, he was promoted to the position of President.

Even after achieving immense success, Don never stopped giving his all to the organization. His hard work was aptly rewarded in 2003, as he was made the Chief Executive Officer of Acorn Engineering Company. According to reports, Acorn flourished under Don’s guidance and soon expanded to include numerous product lines and divisions. Unfortunately, this made it quite difficult for Don to manage it alone. Thus, in 2010, he brought the whole company under Morris Group International, where he now holds the position of Chief Executive Officer.

On the other hand, Don’s wife, Mimi, had an incredibly tough childhood, as her home country of Vietnam was embroiled in war. As stated in the Netflix production, she tried to escape her village with her siblings at the tender age of seven but was unsuccessful in doing so. As a result, the youngsters had no option but to live in a large hole in the ground for two years amidst water and food scarcity. However, once Mimi made her way over to the United States, she was determined to stand up on her own two feet.

Apart from modeling for various brands, Mimi started her own business and became a successful entrepreneur. Although the exact date of Mimi and Don’s marriage is unclear, both of their net worths benefited positively from the union. Furthermore, the two are proud parents to three children. As per a report in 2018, the couple settled in a sprawling $8.8 million home in the gated community of Strand at Headlands in California.

Even after amassing immense wealth, the couple has remained devoted to their professional commitments. Don continues to head Morris Group International with a lot of integrity and honesty. On the other hand, Mimi undertakes brand deals and endorsements as a social media influencer, apart from having a successful reality TV career.

Mimi and Don Morris’ Net Worth

Considering Don’s assets and avenues of income, we can safely infer that he has a current net worth of about $800 million. On the other hand, there is still a question mark hanging over Mimi’s exact net worth. Yet, it has been estimated that the couple’s joint net worth easily crosses $1 billion. Moreover, with Don’s business on the rise and Mimi embarking on a reality TV career, one can expect that figure to increase soon.

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