What Is Patty Hearst’s Net Worth?

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Patty Hearst or Patricia Campbell Hearst-Shaw was born on February 20, 1954. As the granddaughter of 19th-century publishing tycoon William Randolph Hearst and the great-granddaughter of millionaire industrialist George Hearst, she and her entire family have had a name in America’s top social groups for decades. However, as her parents, Randolph Hearst and Catherine Wood Campbell, were not the only heirs in the family or in control of the family’s business, they did not deem it necessary to restrict their children or be overly cautious about their safety.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what led the urban guerrilla leftist group by the name of Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) to target and kidnap Patty in February of 1974. And that is how she rose to fame, by allegedly being raped, coerced, threatened, and humiliated into joining the domestic terrorist organization and its criminal activities. It was Stockholm Syndrome. Despite her claims, in 1976, Patty was convicted and sentenced for her actions as a member of SLA. But now, with her family’s wealth and her career after her prison stint, let’s find out her net worth.

How Did Patty Hearst Earn Her Money?

Apart from the family fortune under her name, which includes a part of what she inherited from her grandfather’s estate, equating to more than $30 billion after adjusting for inflation at the time of his death in 1951, Patty has worked hard to make a good name for herself as well. Following her release from prison in 1979, thanks to President Jimmy Carter commuting her federal sentence from seven years to 22 months already served, Patty became involved in different charities and fundraising organizations across California and then the nation. In particular, she closely worked with those that helped children living with AIDS.

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In the years that followed, Patty Hearst published her memoir, ‘Every Secret Thing,’ co-written by Alvin Moscow, where she shares her accounts of what happened within the SLA. Along with that, the book also details her experiences in federal prison. From a 19-year-old girl to a woman, she highlights her journey through the ordeal with complete specification. Subsequently, Patty produced and narrated ‘Secrets of San Simeon with Patricia Hearst’ for the Travel Channel, wherein she granted viewers a look into her grandfather’s massive mansion, Hearst Castle. Of course, she gave various interviews through the years as well.

Most importantly, Patty managed to snag a few different roles in John Waters’ movies, including ‘Cry-Baby’ (1990), ‘Serial Mom’ (1994), ‘Pecker’ (1998), ‘Сесіl В. DеМеntеd’ (2000), and ‘A Dirty Shame’ (2004). Her acting career also encompasses guest spots on shows like ‘Frasier,’ ‘Veronica Mars,’ ‘Lord of the Pi’s,’ and ‘The Adventures of Pete and Pete.’ As far as the entertainment industry goes, Patty has had a hand in music as well, having been given the орроrtunіtу by various artists to have a part in recording the songs related to her story and the SLA.

Patty Hearst’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Patty Hearst’s estimated net worth is around $50 million. The author, actress, and heiress, who has learned from her past and moved on to the best of her abilities, is someone whose involvement in the media will never really go away – both because she belongs to one of the wealthiest families in America and because of her connection with SLA. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise if her net worth increases in the years to come.

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