What is Regus Patoff’s Real Name? Who Does He Work For in The Consultant?

Image Credit: Michael Desmond/Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video’s thriller series ‘The Consultant’ follows Regus Patoff, a consultant who assumes the office of Sang-woo, the founder and head of the Los Angeles-based CompWare, a video game publisher. The employees of the company get stunned to see Patoff and his astounding reformations at the place. The dark comedy series progresses through creative liaison Elaine and senior coder Craig’s efforts to unravel the mystery behind the consultant. They investigate similar office takeovers, which makes them spend their time along with or around Patoff. As their “investigation” progresses, they realize Regus Patoff may not even be his real name. If you are eager to know more about the identity of the consultant, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Regus Patoff’s Origin

When the consultant arrives at CompWare for the first time, he introduces himself as Regus Patoff to Elaine and Craig. The same name is shown in his contract with Sang as well. However, the particular name is only a shortened form of “Registered U.S. Patent Office” or “Reg. U.S. Pat Off.” The earliest use of the name “Regus Patoff” is in the cheques the apparent doctors gave to Frank Florez to buy bones made out of gold as they were signed “Regus Patoff.” Since the consultant is really a robot made using the same golden bones Florez made, his name is used even before his apparent “birth.” Other than “Regus Patoff,” the consultant doesn’t have any other names as well.

Image Credit: Andrew Casey/Prime Video

Since Regus Patoff is a well-made robot/machine, it is evident that one or more brilliant minds were behind the creation of the same. It is safe to assume that only top minds in the business would be approached to create a robot using gold that is worth at least $25 million. If that’s the case, they might have named their creation “Reg. U.S. Pat Off.” as a homage to one of the significant establishments in their lives as creators or makers. They must have found the name ironic since the robot might be their only creation that wouldn’t need a patent because nobody was expected to know that he is a machine to recreate the same.

The creators of Patoff might haven’t bothered to give him any other name because the ironic name is suitable enough for their possibly mightiest and most potent invention. They must have relied on such a name to make their creation a distinguished entity, which may not be the case if they use a regular name used among fellow human beings.

Regus Patoff: An Enigmatic Figure Serving the Ideals of Capitalism

When Regus Patoff first met Sang-woo, he doesn’t mention working for any company or individual. Sang seemingly approached him as a private or independent consultant. Since Patoff doesn’t ask for a single dime from his clients, it is evident that nobody is using him to make money as well. Considering that his clients are based in countries that range from the United States to Russia, a domestic enterprise doesn’t seem to be behind him. In light of these factors, the most reasonable explanation must be that Patoff was created to save capitalism by restoring corporate establishments to their former glory.

Even if there is an unrevealed force behind Patoff, the person or group may only want the consultant to become a crusader of capitalism without a cape. Ultimately, ‘The Consultant’ is a satire that explores how the elimination of human consideration and compassion creates the best numbers within a company. The “heartless” Patoff is a representative of corporate moguls whose inhumane actions have played a vital part in the betterment of their companies. In light of the same, the consultant is someone who is working for capitalism by transforming companies that prioritized their employees’ rights and preferences into companies that produce exceptional monetary turnover by treating employees as mere disposable tools.

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