What is Storage Wars’ Barry Weiss’ Net Worth?

Barry Weiss, also known as “The Collector,” is a businessman, reality television star, and antique collector who has spent decades gathering rare and valuable collector’s items. His vast knowledge of antiques of different eras coupled with intelligent investments helped him earn impressive profits on A&E Network’s reality television series ‘Storage Wars,’ on which he appeared for four seasons. Barry’s unique approach to auctions and his colorful personality and flamboyant character helped increase his fan following, and he soon became a well-known television personality.

Although he is very secretive about his past and avoids talking about his personal life, he reportedly got married a few decades ago and has two children – Jack and Julie. But there is little information about his ex-wife or when the couple got divorced. However, Barry never minces his words when he is on the television screen and is notorious for his funny one-liners in the series. His career as a businessman and reality television star has earned him a vast fortune. But before we talk about his net worth, let’s have a detailed overview of his career so far.

How Did Barry Weiss His Money?

Decades before he became famous as a reality television star, Barry started a produce business with his brother. He spent almost 25 years of his life growing the business and ended up earning a significant amount of money that could afford him the luxury of early retirement. He went on to travel the world for a few years before he finally returned home. It was his friendship with the executive producer and the narrator, Thom Beers, that got him a place in the cast of the reality series ‘Storage Wars.’

The Collector was part of the popular series for the first four seasons before he parted ways to try something new. He then starred in the A&E spin-off series ‘Barry’d Treasure’ in 2014 before appearing in ‘Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back’ in the following year. Apart from reality television shows, Barry has also appeared in documentaries ‘Beverly Hills Garage – The Bruce Meyer Project’ and ‘Motorcycle Mania III.’ In 2019, he was hospitalized after a motorcycle accident and had to undergo several surgeries. However, Barry was spotted with his ‘Storage Wars’ co-stars in 2020 and appeared to be doing great.

Recently it has been reported that Barry is likely to return in season 13 of ‘Storage Wars.’ But the A&E network is yet to make any official statement regarding it. Since he was not even mentioned in the cast list for season 13, there remains a lot of uncertainty over his comeback. To make things even more confusing, he has been spotted on the sets of ‘Storage Wars’ season 13. Therefore, it hard to say anything as of now, but Barry’s return can’t be ruled out. His successful career as a businessman and a reality television star has made him quite rich. So without any more speculation, let’s have a look at his net worth.

Barry Weiss’s Net Worth

Barry Weiss’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. He owns a $1.8 million 4-bedroom Beverly Hills mansion, built in 1928, and lives a pretty lavish life. Reportedly, Barry is fond of collecting vintage cars, and his collection includes a prized 1947 Custom Cowboy Cadillac and a 1955 Beatnik Custom Hot Rod. The flamboyant businessman is unlikely to remain unoccupied for long, and he may return to the television industry or focus on building more businesses. Therefore, we can presume that his overall wealth is only going to increase in the future.

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