Where Is Barry Weiss From Storage Wars Now?

Everyone loves making a big profit on a good investment. ‘Storage Wars’ plays on this sentiment as it follows buyers who visit different storage facilities which are being auctioned off due to lack of rent payment. It is thrilling to watch how each person tries to net the most profit through their intelligence and experience. Barry Weiss is a fan-favorite participant who left the show after the first four seasons. This lively individual always managed to keep the show exciting and fun for the viewers. Naturally, after his exit from the reality series, fans have wondered what Barry Weiss is up to currently. Well, we come bearing answers!

What Happened to Barry Weiss Of Storage Wars?

Barry, also known as The Collector, left ‘Storage Wars’ after appearing for the last time in season 4 in 2013. His appearance on the show was highlighted by the enormous profits he made. After leaving ‘Storage Wars,’ Barry starred in his own reality show on the A&E Network called ‘Barry’d Treasure,’ which ran for just one season in 2014. The Collector then went on to sign another deal with A&E for another spin-off show titled ‘Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back,’ which premiered in 2015.

After 2016, Barry Weiss stopped gracing our TV screens with his entertaining presence. Later, when he was asked about his reason for quitting ‘Storage Wars’ in the prime of his career, Barry said that he wanted to leave while he was on the top. He also mentioned that he wanted to go back to being a “professional slacker,” which was a job that he wanted and loved.

Where Is Barry Weiss Now?

After Barry stopped appearing on TV, there were numerous speculations and rumors about his whereabouts. In 2017, Barry was spotted in Amsterdam, where he gave an interview talking about his reason for leaving ‘Storage Wars.’ After that, Barry stayed out of the spotlight until late April 2019, when we got the devastating news of Barry’s involvement in a severe motorcycle accident.

Barry, who is an avid motorcyclist, collided with a car while he was with his friend. Both men suffered critical injuries and were rushed to the hospital. Barry was admitted into the ICU with chest and leg trauma and had to go through multiple operations. As Barry prefers not to be active on social media, his friend, Jamie, posted an update about the duo from the hospital.

After his recovery, Barry started working with the Sherwood Valley Casino by becoming its “new face” in mid-2019. While advertising for Sherwood Valley Casino, Barry reportedly also made voiceovers for another casino in Northern California. He got involved in his family’s fruits and vegetables import-export business and became a loving grandfather to his grandson. Barry, an antique car collector, was spotted in and around various auto events, and he also mentioned in interviews that he would love to do a show on cars.

In 2020, Barry also met up with his old ‘Storage Wars’ castmates, Dan and Laura Dotson, showing that he had recovered from the terrible accident. Whether Barry will host a show on antique cars or motorsports is presently unknown, but sources report that the beloved Barry Weiss is returning to the show that made him a household name globally.

In March 2021, Barry Weiss was spotted on set where ‘Storage Wars’ was being filmed and is speculated to make a comeback in the thirteenth season. Even though his name is not mentioned in the official cast list, we are quite optimistic about his return. We hope that we get to welcome the series-favorite back to the show and cannot wait to get enthralled by his dynamic personality all over again.

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