Emily Kroul From Storage Wars: Everything We Know

The Eastern Iowa native, Emily Kroul, exhibits stellar auctioneering skills in the popular American reality TV series ‘Storage Wars’ that first premiered on December 1, 2010. Her broad knowledge base and expertise in antiques and personal properties made her a household name within a few months. She received a jaw-dropping reaction after she got on the stage and started calling the bids on the first episode of the tenth season.

Anyone trying to imitate her famous auctioning outcry or “chant” as she calls it, can only manage to produce gibberish. In addition to her career highs, Emily stays the happiest with her husband and daughter. They are her support system, and she cannot imagine going, even a day, without them!

Emily Kroul: Age and Early Life

Born on October 26, 1990, and raised in Solon, a rural town with hardly 3000 people, Emily Wears dreamt of becoming a singer and musician. Her early endeavors include auditioning for ‘American Idol’ in 2016, during which she also displayed her efficiency in rolling out tongue-twisters. Daughter of a lifelong bid caller, her passion for auctioning kicked in after she made an appearance in an auction-based reality show called ‘Money Barn.’

It was not her heart’s calling, but she was instead nudged into following his footsteps. Eventually, she set out to ease her father’s work schedule by providing assistance in his business Wears Auctioneering. Thus, from performing clerical tasks to graduating from the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa, Emily began to work as a professional auctioneer at 17.

Emily Kroul’s Profession

Emily Kroul is a multifaceted personality and achieves finesse at whatever she lays her hands. She had humble beginnings as a waitress at the Historic Occidental Hotel, and she went on to become one of the youngest female bidders. The talented auctioneer first moved to Wyoming to establish herself in the male-dominated industry. In 2008, she bagged the second position in the International Junior Auctioneer Championship (IJAC). Emily attained success the following year after she won the Iowa Auctioneers Contest. Her first reality TV show that premiered on Animal Planet in 2013, did not fetch her much popularity. However, it landed her A&E’s hit reality series ‘Storage Wars,’ to which she credits her flourishing career.

In addition to filming for the show since its 10th season, Emily has continued to compete in various trading contests as a bidder. Her most prestigious accolade has to be winning the International Auctioneer Championship (NAA IAC) in 2018. The competition was held at Jacksonville in Florida among 16 women and more than 70 men. During her contention in the last ten years, she had made it to the finals multiple times. The talented star is also an entrepreneur and the creator of Western Wears. She operates as a leather artist in her company, producing handmade leather goods, including boots, rug bags, and one of a kind jewelry.

Emily Kroul’s Husband and Daughter

Emily and her now-husband, Cody Kroul, both grew up in Solon. Their families had known each other since forever. They used to trail ride together and would often hang out at the same places in their rural town. The kids were acquaintances during their childhood but never connected on an intimate level. Later, the two met in June 2015, when both were living in Cheyenne, Wyoming. As luck would have it, Cody had gone there to pursue a career as a professional rodeo cowboy, and Emily was undertaking online auctioning with her friends.

Despite belonging from the same hometown or working in the same city, Emily and Cody met at a friend’s wedding, and they began catching up on years missed. They came back to the U.S. and started spending time together, and gradually fell for each other. After a year of struggling with a long-distance relationship, the two got engaged. Emily walked down the aisle for her husband on May 6, 2017, at her farm.

On August 8, 2019, they welcomed their first child, an adorable baby girl, Millie Rose. Her social media accounts are flooded with cute pictures of her little family enjoying quality time together, notwithstanding their busy work lives. Undoubtedly, for both of them, family comes first!

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